Apple axes the numeric keypad on iMac's standard wired keyboard

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I have to agree with the article below ... What is Apple thinking??? If they are going to delete the numeric keypad, please make the keyboard available that is used on the new MacBooks as a USB and/or bluetooth!!!


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    krispiekrispie Posts: 260member
    It's a bizarre decision IMO.

    OK, you can choose a proper keyboard on BTO, but if you buy in an Apple Retail Store then you'll get the nobbled keyboard.

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    irelandireland Posts: 17,751member
    They did not axe the numeric keyboard. It's an option, at the same price.
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    outsideroutsider Posts: 6,008member
    I bought one of these suckers tonight. The store I went to, Southpoint in NC, only had versions with WIRELESS keyboards for $50 more, $1549. I got it anyway since I had a wired kb and Logitech mouse at home. Anyone want the wireless keyboard and wireless mighty mouse for $50 (for both)? Unwrapped. This is the AI forums special. Please PM if interested.

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    frank777frank777 Posts: 5,835member
    Looks like a nice travel keyboard to complement the Mac Mini.

    I'm sure someone will craft a bag in which you can carry a Mini and this keyboard around.

    But it's utterly useless and out of place for an iMac.

    One more way for PC users to point out how much less we get while paying more money.

    Apple really has problems with input devices, don't they? They haven't even fixed the Mighty Mouse yet.
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    Well, it's a shame that it's the only keyboard option when purchased in retail stores. You can swap it for a full size for no extra charge with online BTO. Other than that, it's a nice option. Now they just need to round it out by offering a full sized BT keyboard.
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    pbpb Posts: 4,237member
    Originally Posted by Frank777 View Post

    Apple really has problems with input devices, don't they? They haven't even fixed the Mighty Mouse yet.

    Indeed, it starts getting worrying. First the Mighty Mouse, then the slim desktop keyboard, and now the slim-short desktop keyboard.
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    utisnum1utisnum1 Posts: 138member
    I don't find a problem with not having a number pad, i guess because i am used to my MacBook keyboard, it doesn't really bother me. Those with iPhones can use the number pad app as a way to use it if they ever need to.
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