Thai fonts for OSX?

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Where can I get Thai Fonts for OSX?

I dont need a full blown language kit. Im just interested in being able to display Thai web pages, etc. If I get the fonts, will it mean I can read docs written in Thai?


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    You may just want to wait for Jaguar (10.2). It includes language support for most of the languages that were left out of 10.1 (Arabic, Indic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, etc.)

    In build 6c106, a glance at the Input Menu pane of the "International" system preference shows "Thai" and "Thai-PattaChote" keyboard options, so I imagine the supporting fonts are there.

    You could probably go to an Apple Store near you and play with the prerelease 10.2 to see if it meets your needs.
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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    Thanks. Shite, I was just there two days ago, messed around w/a 17"iMac/10.2, but didn't even think about trying the languages.

    Good idea.
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