RBC says iPhone 3G 'Pro' won't boost iPhone momentum



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    I'll double down on that and second that emotion!

    Originally Posted by DESIGNER_1982 View Post

    Mark Abramsky and by proxy, The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is correct that an "iPhone 3G Pro won't boost iPhone momentum."

    As with all self-fullfilling prophesy, it becomes true. RBC is simply predicting that iPhone sales momentum will not increase if Apple sells the "RBC" predicted iPhone. Things get messy here as Mark shows ignorance in Apple's strategies, product development cycles, and core company DNA.

    The golden rule of Apple, "software sells hardware."

    Mark seems to have forgotten this small but pivotal point, while blatantly disregarding the educated mainstream present.

    I thought the age of greedy, arrogant, and biased financials had come to an end with the current economic crisis'.

    Let me enlighten the true analysts, those amongst the populace with intelligence perhaps? Mark Abramsky need not apply.

    Software Sells Hardware!

    Even Apple was surprised at the gaming capability of the iPhone and its intrinsic value to the gaming community. The very driving force behind the iPhones appeal is an "app for everything." Now circulating through Apple's labs are very advanced iPhone units indeed, not the bland and semi-updated configurations that Mark has apparently excited everyone with.

    Apple is killing a few birds with one stone here with their graphic driven "iPhone Pro". By licensing special graphics technologies and integrating them with custom chip designs, Apple quietly steps to the forefront of the mobile graphics arena. From smooth high resolution games, to software driven video, Apple will be able to outperform all competition. The ability for Apple to take the lead in mobile gaming unit sales is a major contender in new revenue dollars at the expense of Sony and Nintendo. Advanced video capabilities through the camera feature (sorry Mark but more than 3.2MP, you need to check your component suppliers next time) will provide a new video aspect to the mobile digital life. An iPhone iMovie app experience with ties into mobileMe and other Apple peripherals will round-out the video side of the Apple ecosystem. Due to the nature of the testing at Apple, the mobileMe tie in may not be available in June.

    Software driven video encoding/decoding will also increase battery performance in a very noticeable way, so be prepared for that nice little boost. (more than an extra hour Mark)

    A note on Apple exterior hardware design. Due to Apple's acquisition of PA Semi and subsequent custom chip designs being integrated into system on chip variations, I would expect Apple to keep the iPhone around its current size just so that they can shove more of their custom built battery into the darn thing. Hint, hint.

    Basically, Apple plans to make the new device irresistible to the modern educated mainstream that enjoy such cutting edge devices, while allowing those unable to upgrade some transition appeal with iPhone OS 3.0.

    Make no mistake, Apple is not just upgrading the iPhone as with the 3G model, this is a redesign from the ground up.

    Anyone following Apple knows they innovate for more than just a buck, they actually enjoy pushing the envelope. This core company DNA shows through in their products, consumer rankings, and employee pride.

    Don't judge Mark to hard, he is after all just a puppet.

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    Originally Posted by VinitaBoy View Post

    This is self-interest at work, folks. It is well known that RBC and RIM scratch either other's backs, partly for financial reasons, partly for nationalist well-wishing. This is clearly FUD and blatant stock manipulation. If AAPL goes down, RIMM benefits, and vice-versa.

    Believe nothing Abramsky has to say about Apple, Inc. He's a shill, as is his company, for RIMM.

    You beat me to the punch: RBC is a major investor in RIM (a little internet searching will show how deep the relationship goes). Doesn't mean the analysis is wrong but, if RBC were US based, they would have had to add a disclaimer or they'd be in hot water with the SEC. This doesn't deserve much coverage. It roughly Translates into: Blackberry hopes Apple will not make further inroads into their customer base.

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    Originally Posted by e1618978 View Post

    GAAP earnings:

    0.85 legacy product sales down by 15% or so from a year ago +

    0.45 carried in +

    0.08 iPhone sales rec. in quarter



    non-GAAP earnings

    0.85 +

    0.00 carried in (non-GAAP does not carry in or carry out earnings)

    0.64 iPhone sales rec. in quarter (we are recognizing the whole thing, not 1/8th of it)



    Problem with that is the subsidy the carriers pay to Apple seem to have declined over the past year, pushing down the margins. GAAP and non-GAAP should be pretty close this quarter, but diverge again next quarter (or once the new iphone is released).
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    Originally Posted by aaarrrgggh View Post

    Problem with that is the subsidy the carriers pay to Apple seem to have declined over the past year, pushing down the margins. GAAP and non-GAAP should be pretty close this quarter, but diverge again next quarter (or once the new iphone is released).

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