AirTunes Connection Requirements

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I'm only getting right-channel sound when I use one of these adapters for my AirPort Express connection to my stereo.

At first I thought it was the AE, but headphones plugged into it (the AE) worked OK.

Then I thought it was my amp (ancient tape monitor inputs) malfunctioning, but when I switched out the chords for right & left channels, still only the right-channel would play. --Same deal when reconnected from tape to CD (which I know works OK on my amp)...

Anyway, I've looked all over for documentation saying to avoid this type of adapter, and I can't find any. I know other chords exist, but I already have this thing and would prefer not to buy something new. (My adapter worked when I was using it to get DVD sound through a Bose wave radio...)

Anyone else have the same problem as me? Or success w/this adapter?

AirTunes was one of the main reasons I bought my AE and I'm kind of bummed.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


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