Repeat: AT&T may introduce $20 limited iPhone data plan



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    I honestly think it would be a good idea to drop the iphone package back down to $20.00. I dont really like the fact that the new iphone 3g is basically a la carte. first you have to add on a thirty dollar data package and then you add on the text messaging seperately. I say bring back the old iphone data packages, but heres the thing, what would happen to the data prices to other att phones such as the blackberrys? would they be forced to change as well?

    Also, if you drop down the data package to twenty dollars, would we lose out on any features? That would be my biggest fear. With the way the industry is going right now. alot of people are wanting pda phones but dont have the dough to shell out every month for a high data package plus having to pay for the minutes and text seperately. I think it would be a good move by at&t to drop the data package down to attract more customers.
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