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in macOS edited January 2014
Hey, This is probably for Genius Bar but what the heck:

I have linked up a non airport equipped Powermac G4 to my Airport Equipped Tibook! Tibook uses airport for internet!


I can happily connect to the tower using a cross over cable etc however I have to have airport off and just ethernet selected to sucsessfully work:


Is it possible to share internet from the Airport equipped Tibook to my G4 Tower???

Both computers are using 10.2

Tried to click the start internet sharing but doesnt seem to happen on Tibook!

Your help would be great!


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    Boy o boy, no clue. The only thing I think would work is in, System Preferences >Sharing>Internet>Share connection with other computers on Built-in-Ethernet. I'm not sure if that goes for Airport to. Proably not.
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