What happened to the "Other.." user?

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I have that login window option enabled on my tower, but I can't find the switch to toggle it on/off! I don't have it enabled on my iMac. Where is it!? I assumed it would be under System Preferences --> Accounts...

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    Not quite. I still want the list, but with the "Other..." selection in that list. I'd like to be able to use the "&gt;console" feature without having to use the "Name and Password" deal.
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    I got my "Other" user back by enabling the root account.
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    Me too, I believe that's how you do it in Jaguar.
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    Nonsuch and Xaqtly are correct. You have to enable one of the other accounts, such as root, to get that option.

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    Agreed. For some reason I had to re-enable the root account after upgrading to Jaguar. Strange?! Then the Other... came back.
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