New screenshot gallery shows more polished Snow Leopard



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    "The Desktop & Screen Saver control panel now only renders thumbnails of available Desktop pictures that are in view, preserving system resources and cutting back on lag"

    Could someone please explain what this means? I opened that preference panel and I fail to see any difference from how it works now.
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    Originally Posted by TiAdiMundo View Post

    Oh yes I know that OS X can do this now after 4 updates. But we where talking about Windows 2000 and therefore I was referring to 10.0 to be fair.

    About the Terminal: PowerShell in Vista and 7 is way beyond the Unix CLI. It's object oriented. But I personally don't need such things.

    No, actually MS missed the boat with power shell. That thing is too wordy, un-discoverable, and non-ubiquitous (you can not count on it being there on every system). Power shell is really .NET shell, and there are others like bean shell for Java etc. None come to the simplicity, elegance, ubiquity of bash, csh, zsh, ksh on UNIX systems. And the nice thing is they were there for the long time, so people can leverage the decades of development.
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    Originally Posted by allblue View Post

    Do we actually know that next up is 10.7? I know Apple don't do roadmaps, and I may have missed a reference somewhere, but is it not possible that OSX will end with 10.6? Isn't part of the idea with SL that it lays the foundations for the multi-core & GPGPU future? The end of the 2-D desktop paradigm and the onset of a 3-D virtual workspace?

    GPGPUs aren't for Johnny Mnemonic worlds. They are massively paralleled number crunching blocks for general purpose computing.


    OpenCL (Open Computing Language) is the first open, royalty-free standard for general-purpose parallel programming of heterogeneous systems. OpenCL provides a uniform programming environment for software developers to write efficient, portable code for high-performance compute servers, desktop computer systems and handheld devices using a diverse mix of multi-core CPUs, GPUs, Cell-type architectures and other parallel processors such as DSPs.

    Apple is making Snow Leopard more accessible for 3D CAD/CAM/FEA markets with their addition of COLLADA in Snow Leopard:


    Digital Asset Exchange support.

    Collada Digital Asset Exchange (.dae) files are a popular way to share 3D models and scenes between applications. Preview now displays these files with OpenGL-powered 3D graphics, so you can zoom and rotate around a 3D scene and play viewpoint animations. You can also print the scene or save it as an image or movie file. And you can use Quick Look to display them as well.

    They changed the default Color Gamut as well:


    Gamma 2.2.

    The default gamma has been changed from 1.8 to 2.2 to better serve the color needs of digital content producers and consumers.

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    Originally Posted by teejaysplace24 View Post

    "The Desktop & Screen Saver control panel now only renders thumbnails of available Desktop pictures that are in view, preserving system resources and cutting back on lag"

    Could someone please explain what this means? I opened that preference panel and I fail to see any difference from how it works now.

    I believe it's saying the control panel keeps a cache of thumbnails of the desktop images at a smaller resolution for quick loading so it does not have to load the full resolution images just to show previews.
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    Originally Posted by wilco View Post

    The only explanation I can come up with for your non-stop torrent of semi-gibberish posts is that you're typing with your tongue, holding a photo of the new iPhone in one hand, while jerking off with the other.

    A joke dude, this guy was losing it over blu ray.Any way please put me on your ignore list your comments are very ugly.

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    Originally Posted by Virgil-TB2 View Post

    Call me hopeful but I'm still looking for some new GUI love. I can't believe that they are actually going to release this thing with the same interface as regular Leopard.

    I find it ridiculous (and very very hard to believe) that Apple would re-design the entire finder using Cocoa and RI, which basically means re-doing all the artwork and resources, and then carefully added the aqua "blue blob" stuff back in. Also what about all those rumours of scroll bars only activating when you hover over them? That was all scrapped?

    Why would they do that? There is nothing attractive, innovative, or good about those aqua scroll bars anymore. They are almost ten years old at this point.

    Also, the "black glass" stuff is so obviously just "tacked on" to the rest of the GUI. Why re-design the GUI from the ground up but leave even more visual inconsistencies than they already had? None of this makes any sense.

    Why re-do all your hardware in black glass and grey aluminium, and then re-design only *half* of the GUI of the software to match, leaving the other half kind of ugly-retro looking beside it? Especially when the graphics work all had to be re-done anyway?

    Like I said, I'm still hoping against hope that there will be a surprise on launch day because otherwise the $30 price tag is looking less like a deal and more like an unavoidable necessity considering this new Leopard is going to look pretty much exactly the same as the old Leopard.

    My boss has two favorite sayings.

    1. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    2. "People who whine and complain just to whine and complain get ignored. People who point out flaws and offer suggestions for improvement get listened to."

    Demanding a "new interface" is a pretty broad, spoiled position to take. The OSX UI has done nothing except get better with every revision of the software. Every single release is better than the last, not just in look, but in feel and function.
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    Originally Posted by Rokken View Post

    I have to say, average users are no dummy either. All those refinements and speed improvements worth much more than that that price tag, let alone the new technologies they introduce in 10.6.

    We'll see. The needs of most users are more basic than most of us realize. I teach Mac classes, so I come in contact with average users on a regular basis and am constantly reminded of this fact. Speaking for myself, I think the features Apple is advertising for Snow Leopard are a bit underwhelming, so I can imagine that less sophisticated users will be somewhat mystified.
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    Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss View Post

    Yes, I'll probably go for it, but I can't think of a good reason (yet) to recommend it to anyone else. Believe it or don't, most people really don't care about technical improvements.

    Yeah, but that is because most people are idiots.

    Speed and stability are technical improvements. If those aren't "good reasons to recommend SL to anyone else" I don't know what is. Some new hue for the scrollbars?
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    Originally Posted by chronster View Post

    When updated video card drivers give me smoother performance in games, I don't think to myself "Wow, I just got a new video card for free!" I think to myself, "Wow, they really optimized the software to take advantage of the hardware." That's all that's happening now. I don't mean to come off as a dick about it, but it's not like getting a new computer, it's like getting a better operating system.

    A while back, some guy gave a lecture at my school (I didn't care much then) about how software isn't as advanced as we like to think. His point was that through better programming, we could make existing hardware run 10 to 100 times better. I think it had something to do with the evolution of "many core" programming or something like that. Just a neat little anecdote I thought I'd throw in there. Makes you wonder how much hidden potential lies in existing hardware.

    But when you update your drivers you usually don't get a performance increase so great that it seems to be possible only by buying a new computer. That's what I meant.
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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post

    What an assinine post.

    There's nothing wrong with bitching about aqua assets still in Snow Leopard- especially since they apparently recoded a very large portion of the OS. Aqua scrollbars+buttons look ugly as hell at this point, and clash with everything else in the OS. They need to go, and I'll be appalled if they leave them there for the final version of SL. It takes me a few seconds to replace the scrollbar files to those from itunes, so seriously, how hard could it be for Apple? They already have the assets.

    People like you are the most irritating kind. Someone can't criticize a specific aspect of a product, without being called 'bitching', 'ungrateful', etc. Pathetic. The way some of you apologize for Apple at every turn is frightening. We criticize because we want Apple to improve and release the best products they can. I wouldn't be criticizing anything if I didn't give a shit. Its not like asking for 10 year old, system wide assets to be visually updated (especially when updating them is a relatively simple thing to do) is demanding.

    What's wrong with my post? Can I call your post assinine too just because I don't agree that Aqua is fugly? I actually agree that Marble should come sooner rather than later, but there are folks here that think that a GUI better than Aqua is a greater priority than 50-130% speed increase across the system, and to me, that is non-sense bitching.

    And while I'm not an Apple apologist, I do defend Apple when people start attacking it with stupid arguments.

    And Aqua did get an update. All of those little interface changes between Cheetah and Leopard mean nothing to you?
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    dagamer34dagamer34 Posts: 494member
    I could not live without the UI improvements that iLeopard provides.
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    Originally Posted by dagamer34 View Post

    I could not live without the UI improvements that iLeopard provides.

    Don't install this.... thanks for the warning.....
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    Originally Posted by wilco View Post

    People who start their post with "ummm" are invariably assholes.

    So it's not just me then. I take the meds but I still want to kill them. Slowly.
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    Originally Posted by dagamer34 View Post

    I could not live without the UI improvements that iLeopard provides.

    Wow-nice! Thanks!

    Seriously, don't you people think even this would be a massive improvement over the current leopard look? The fact that Apple doesnt use aqua in ANY of its recent apps should clue you in about how dated and ugly it is, for those defending that it 'looks great'. Apparently, even Apple doesnt agree with you, but seems too lazy to do anything about it OS-wide. They should take some cues from the gorgeous iPhone OS they released in 2007, for their desktop OS. Not a trace of aqua there, not surprisingly.
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    jonnyboyjonnyboy Posts: 525member

    You can now make a note out of the selected text or have it spoken out loud and added to iTunes from Safari's contextual menus:

    that's cool. i've often wanted to convert an online article into spoken text so i can listen on the go and now it'll be automatic
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    Originally Posted by hmurchison View Post

    It's not doublespeak. They have their point of view upon the matter and you have yours.

    What about the new QuickTime Player? The ChildsBirthdayShareItOnYoutube Player?

    In the current QuickTime Player I can see all of the movie without a portion being hidden by a titlebar or a controller. I have the whole screenwidth to scrub through a movie, not just a short, less accurate "timeline". I can make a selection, keep this selection and at the same time scrub through the movie, go to the in- and out-point with alt-left/right. I can than cut, copy or delete that selection (and trim), paste or "scale and paste" it into another movie. All this without being forced to switch to some kind of "trim mode".

    Did I mention that the "interface" is a staight copy of NicePlayer (

    Think again, Apple.
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    Originally Posted by Lukeskymac View Post

    Go on then. Say Windows 7 looks better. I challenge you.

    I can't believe people are still bitching for having to pay $30 to get a new computer.

    i am looking forward to buy snow leopard, i really love the os interface, and i don't see there is any need for changing it.

    Why fix something that ain't broken.

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    Originally Posted by nagromme View Post

    So now you can right-click the text of a snide forum comment, send to iTunes as speech, then rename it to .m4r and have it as your ringtone. In mere seconds!

    This will change the way we use forums. [...]

    I can't wait to transform TechStud's posts into iTunes and make ring tunes!
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    They're giving us OpenCL, Grand Central and 64 bit and some people are complaining about the wallpaper. You guys aren't doing us any favours against those who accuse Macs of being all show.
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