Review: Apple's new iPhone 3G S and iPhone Software 3.0



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    fabsgwufabsgwu Posts: 78member
    I wish Spotlight also had "Quicklook" functionality. For contacts especially, you might want to cycle through contact (or application) info without launching another app and leaving Spotlight. This would cut a lot of time and ease the lack of multitasking without overloading the phone as Apple is so concerned about.

    Also a notification/top screen/widget option would be nice for the "lock" screen. Many people would love the ability to have more to look at (email count, weather, txt msgs) than the time and pretty wallpaper on the lock screen. But I know, that would be more WinMob 6.5/Palm WebOS territory
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    3.0 is a good improvement but is still lacking in the mail department. Mail is stilled crippled.

    There should not be a limit on the number of emails you can have at any one time.

    There should be a way to make more/smart folders.

    Search should also be for the body of the message.

    Since we have groups in Contacts, why has it not been enabled in mail?

    Last but not least is adding attachments/pictures/notes in a reply to a email.

    Please Apple add these to 3.1
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    bertpbertp Posts: 274member

    "The extra speed also enables support for some new accessibility features..." Thanks for yours and AI coverage of this topic.

    Some comments:

    First, the synthesized voice "Alex" may not have been included because it required excessive resources even for the iPhone 3G S. I recall a comment that "Alex" is very large, although I cannot confirm this. Also, I am guessing that the "Alex" in the iPod Shuffle is just a set of static audio files generated in iTunes on Mac OS X, and then downloaded along with the songs. You can use text-to-speech now on Mac OS X to generate these audio files.

    Second, I agree with your point that Voice Control is a 1.0 release, and that refinements and enhancements can be expected in the future. I'll never forget trying out VoiceOver 1.0 on my sister's iMac, and somehow the visual Mouse pointer was lost.

    My brother-in-law and sister called AppleCare, and went up three-levels before someone at Apple knowledgeable about VoiceOver was found, and resolved the problem. True story.
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    eyelesseyeless Posts: 28member
    Originally Posted by bonklers View Post

    i'm in california and i had to pay $65 in tax!! its 9.25% on $699. which is 22% on the $299 price tag advertised.

    its my first iphone, it was worth the wait.

    You lucky guys! It's 25% on everything over here in Sweden. ;-)
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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    Just a quick update: after a week of these 3.0 problems, it's fast again. Apparently it fixes itself eventually :confused: For several days the GPS was slooooow, and restarting made no difference. But it's fine now. iPod is more responsive too. And I didn't have to restore the iPhone
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