Proof-of-concept ports Leopard's icon stacks to iPhone (video)



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    The Home Row waste more and more spaces as you increase your pages. Get rid of it entirely.

    Press Home Button

    once for fave/recent apps, no need for stacks

    2x for music control

    3x for auto dial fave booty call

    4x for the apocalypse

    5x for 5 finger discount of Palm devices

    6x for random lottery numbers

    7x to shoot dice

    8x to connect to Jon and Kate

    9x to dial the People's Republic(cultural reference)

    Holdx for smoking break
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    probablyprobably Posts: 139member
    it's also silly that the stack arcs. that has no purpose on a touchscreen.
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    tt92618tt92618 Posts: 444member
    Originally Posted by probably View Post

    it's also silly that the stack arcs. that has no purpose on a touchscreen.

    What purpose does it have on a NON-touch screen?
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    Originally Posted by probably View Post

    it's also silly that the stack arcs. that has no purpose on a touchscreen.

    Just to call you out 'probably', the arc is optional in the settings :-P You can force grid view, or you can have a straight stack.
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    jeffharrisjeffharris Posts: 805member
    The Springboard works fine... BEFORE there was an App Store and you could install tons of apps.

    I've got 6 Pages of Apps and there's no logical way to arrange them.

    By Category?

    Most Used?

    It's really way too limited. The Stacks thing is a cute idea, but I've never been a fan of them (ha ha).

    When i was still using a Palm TX, I used a great little Palm OS utility called LaunchEm. It let you create Tabs on your Home screen. I could label, color and place them as I wanted. I arranged my tabs by category, on the right hand side of the screen. It made it extremely easy to peruse apps and find the best application for the task at hand.
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    lilgto64lilgto64 Posts: 1,147member
    Originally Posted by RayCon View Post

    I am certain that Apple will address this issue in iPhone OS 4.0, if not before. Currently, the GUI reminds me of the Mac OS before the advent of the HFS. (Yes, I remember that.) For any of those familiar with MaxMenus, a tap that displays the hierarchical file path would be one way to go, but why not have each screen scroll vertically? In this way, you could have 9 or 10 screens with each devoted to a different category (i.e., games, utilities, databases, communications, multimedia, etc.) and simply scroll up or down (elevator on the right side?) to see those that cannot fit.

    I sent a feedback to Apple suggesting that we should have some way of organizing apps into categories - maybe through some interface in iTunes - so that you could group together related apps - much as you suggest.

    Not sure why this stack thing requires jail-break - or why it would be rejected by the Apple store - but then I have no idea what kind of coding he had to do to make it work. Might be worth submitting it just to see what happens.
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    timmydaxtimmydax Posts: 284member
    Why don't they just use the dots at the bottom to jump to different pages, just like the alphabet in the ordered lists in the other apps (Contacts/Phone, iPod etc.).

    A tap would surround the dots in a transparent black rounded-rectangle, sliding to the right or left would highlight the different dots, taking you instantly (with perhaps a short core animation effect) to the other pages. This seems so completely obvious, it's been boggling my mind why it has not been implemented since 2.0 (or the January update before, whatever that was).

    Instead, they have a horrible "tap the right side of the dots, scroll one page right" and vica-versa implementation of the dots, which is usually slower than flicking, due to the fact that their tap-zones aren't large enough, or they are too close to the bottom row (not including "dock", obviously) of icons.

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    s_ds_d Posts: 1member
    Originally Posted by nautilus. View Post

    it's like Categories from Cydia, except much sleeker and faster to load

    yes, it is great. I could not live without folders, but Categories is so slow and crash-prone!
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