Different SIM Detected: please connect to iTunes

in iPhone edited January 2014
Different SIM Detected: please connect to iTunes

My ATT 3GS phone has started consistently doing the following:

After the phone has been powered off, when it's restarted I get the image on the screen with the cable and iTunes logo and the message "connect to iTunes". This will also happen occasionally after a period of phone inactivity.

Once I connect to iTunes, briefly the message "Different SIM Detected: please connect to iTunes" flashes, then after about 3 seconds, it goes away and I'm up and running again.

This is certainly problematic since this will happen when I'm away from my computer (and iTunes), rendering the phone inoperable.

(The phone is a contracted ATT phone that's never been unlocked or jailbroken and I don't have more than one SIM I use with the phone...)

I will try a "restore", but am curious if this points to a problem with the SIM rather than the phone.


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