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Well, I'm at work so if there is some mistakes please don't bash me. This may have been discussed before but I'm fairly new to OS X and therefore fairly new to UNIX. I found a web site that showed me the basic commands and such...basically like dos. Anyway i was wondering how do you change the priority of certain apps with the terminal. i saw somewhere that sudo renice -1 vpc-pid for example would work. it asked for a password which I expected from sudo but then it gave me command not found for renice...could that be because I neglected to install the developers tools? Should I have done so? What are the benefits? Also what are some other useful commands for speeding the system up or cleaning and such?

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    When in doubt type : man Command-Name
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    I think sudo is only limited to Mac OS X, you would have to be root (use the "su" command) to change priorities that do not belong to you, as the user.

    To use renice, you do

    renice <priority> <process id>

    you can get the process id (PID) using the command "top | grep <name of app>" or just "top" and look around

    priority is a value that varies from different unixes, in Mac OS X it is +20 to -20, where +20 is the "nicest" and takes up least processing power (or maybe its the other way, I always forget).

    Check the man pages though, there are more options.

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