New AT&T specific features rumored for future iPhone update

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Apple and its exclusive US wireless provider AT&T could soon deliver new carrier-specific features to iPhone users through a future software update in a bid to increase customer satisfaction.

At least one of the enhancements, according to those claiming knowledge of the matter, would be similar to the Visual Voicemail feature made popular on the iPhone two years ago, in that it may require AT&T to tailor changes to its network.

In particular, the two parties are said to be mulling the possibility of enabling the following capabilities through an update to the iPhone's software that could arrive before year's end:

Overage Alerts: A proposed new setting under the iPhone's "Phone" preferences would allow users to customize a push notification -- in the form of a badge, message, or sound -- to be issued when they're in danger of exceeding their monthly anytime minutes.

New Voicemail Options: A new "Voicemail" setting, also proposed as an addition to the touch-screen handset's "Phone" preferences, would provide a means for users to disable the custom Voicemail greeting -- as well as AT&T's standard Voicemail introduction -- heard by other users.

Similarly, the same feature would also make it possible for users to automatically bypass Voicemail greetings, AT&T's standard introduction, and other automated instructions when placing calls to other AT&T customers.

The proposals are said to be a collaborative effort between AT&T and Apple based off customer feedback. In addition to boosting customer satisfaction with both the iPhone and AT&T's wireless network, the additions could also serve as a steppingstone for additional carrier-specific features, those claiming knowledge of the situation say.


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    There's nothing special about that.

    Every carrier, having allowed MMS in June (after 3.0 had sprung), did.
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    msanttimsantti Posts: 1,377member
    I wonder what the monthly fee is for these new features?
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    I was hoping for a personal cell tower that I could carry around with me. Maybe then I could get decent service. Guess I'll just have to wait.
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    Hardly seem like iPhone-specific features.

    A warning message that you were reaching your limit?

    And turning off part of your voicemail message?

    Isn't that a bit.... crap?
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    Originally Posted by technohermit View Post

    I was hoping for a personal cell tower that I could carry around with me. Maybe then I could get decent service. Guess I'll just have to wait.

    We need our mobile telcos to offer VoIP roaming, at half the price (or double the minutes), via the regular Apple phone app interface.

    ie: When I'm at home or office on Wifi, my calls can come and go via wifi. As I go out of VoIP range (or the call loses quality) it switches seamlessly to regular cell service.

    That's pretty well my own personal cell tower.

    And that could be quite a unique feature.

    (It's a long shot, but perhaps the iPod Touch will offer Apple VoIP next week... with a similar boost to iPhone phone app)
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    How exciting.

    If they want some actual good-will credit they could start wih free SMS / MMS during nights and weekends. Like they do with voice.

    The damage to their name is severe and will take drastic steps to repair.
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    How about free MMS and Texting.

    And as for Apple, when will we be able to browse recent callers while we're on the phone?
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    I'm underwhelmed.
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    I'm slipping into a coma...
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    I just *love* the "we're listening to our subscribers" bull crap that gets rolled out with miniscule features that barely anyone will find useful.

    B.S. If AT&T "listened" to their customers, their network would be a lot better and texting would be much cheaper. Instead iPhone subs get this.

    Am still happy with my experience, signal is great where I live. But every mobile company sucks, and implementing "features" like this certainly don't help the company/customer relationship at all.
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    Wow, those are some earth-shattering features there. How about something useful like being able to block a phone number?

    How about giving me the same freedom I had with my landline? That would keep me as a customer.
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    These are probably weak moves at mending iPhone attrition when exclusivity dies.

    Making the product 'feel' more integrated, I suppose.
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    Is this a joke.. Who the hell wants this? Ummmmm I know what I want! Better 3G service.\
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    I think Apple should released another type of notifications to join badge, sound, and message.

    Menu Bar Notifications

    The geniuses at Apple must be able to figure that out ... and it's a feature that's going to make a huge difference.
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    quinneyquinney Posts: 2,528member
    ...and one more thing. All iPhone users on AT&T get automatic streaming of all

    future apologies from "Seth the blogger guy"
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    If you call any AT&T customer now, you can enter # and it will skip their outgoing message. So what is the big deal with the "NEW" feature?
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    I have to agree with the general tone of this thread, not much to get excited about. If AT&T really wanted to spruce up it's image it would stop charging for services that cost them virtually nothing (txt).

    On the otherhand I can't really say AT&Ts service has been all that bad for me. The contract is a little stiff but that won't change until competition opens up. The only service I would really want from them is tethering but I don't see that happening at a reasonable price anytime soon. If there is anything that would lead to a congested network it is easy tethering for Mac Users.

    So like others this would barely get me out of bed.

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    How about some notification of missed flashing light
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    Originally Posted by GregAlexander View Post

    ie: When I'm at home or office on Wifi, my calls can come and go via wifi. As I go out of VoIP range (or the call loses quality) it switches seamlessly to regular cell service.

    Actually, that wouldn't be unique in the USA. I can't remember which of the two, but it's either Sprint or T-Mobile that already offer this. Best of all, due to a lack of back end billing software to handle the switchoff, if you start your call on WiFi and then move off into the cellular network, the call remains absolutely free.
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