Having Problems With OSX/Disk - Need Help

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I have been running OSX for more than 2 years on a dual processor G4 450mghtz. I am currently running OSX 10.2.3.

(1) Lately, I have been having an issue where it does not boot properly everrytime I restart. I gets stuck in the initial Apple screen with the very small wheel constantly turning. After 4-5 reboots it usually works.

(2) Also, my disk utility has said that my disk needs some repair. Could this be causing it? Or could it be 10.2.3? If it is the disk, what would be the best disk utility to repair it?

(3) Lastly, even when my Mac is asleep I still hear it making noise (as if the disk drive or fan are always running). Could this be related to the disk repair needed?

I have already re-installed OSX once, and still had the same problem.

Please give me any feedback or help you may have. Thanks!!!! <img src="embarrassed.gif" border="0">


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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    when reinstalling, did you wipe your drive, or rather just create a new install?

    I'm betting you didn't wipe it. This said: yes it might very well be the fact that the disk needs repair. You'll need a disk utility of some sort. Maybe Apple's own. Try starting up from the OS X install cd, and then open 'disk utility' in the installer menu. Run disk repair (maybe a few times) and see if all problems disappear. If not, you'll have to get some heavier stuff. I personally have had reasonable luck with Norton Systemworks, though I hear Diskwarrior would be unrivalled.
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Those multiple reboots at startup time sound suspiciously like fsck activity.

    I'm surprised to hear your Mac's making noise when it's asleep: most likely this is a fan rather than the hard drive.
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Overhope:

    [QB]Those multiple reboots at startup time sound suspiciously like fsck activity.

    So any advice(detailed and safe because I am no guru) on how to fix it?

    Could it be caused by being kicked off of game server or crashing on game server?
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