Network area storage advice needed

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I am looking to set up network area storage at home rather than have all my files jamming up my Mac Book hard drive. I'm considering one of two options but I am pretty new to network area storage and therefore after a bit of advise.

My personal computer is a Mac although I use a PC laptop for work, both will need to access the networked hard drive. At this stage I just want to store files and itunes but may, in time, wish to stream video content to my TV.

Option 1 is to purchase a network area hard drive such as buffalo link station.

Option 2 is to purchase an air port extreme and attach a hard drive via USB. This option is slightly more expensive however I am wondering if the benefits of the airport will provide a faster connection?


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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    I would buy a Time Capsule and a MobileMe account. The benefit is being able to easily use Time Machine and to also access your files from anywhere in the world
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    Yep, mobile me includes a work-around for non-static IP addresses... works quite well, and makes anything plugged into your Airport (at home) accessible from any internet connection you can find elsewhere.
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