If you have a boxed applecare for macbook pro please help - Thanks!

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I bought applecare for my 13" macbook pro off of ebay, and since i've heard rumours about the codes being possibly generated fakes, and that if you don't have a receipt or box with a serial number you can have your waranty void.

Well I paid extra and ordered a boxed applecare and I have the box in front of me (i just went online to register) and i'm a bit worried that maybe the box is fake? The outside box looks really good, it is shiny and well printed, and on the bottom edge there is a sticker with serial number, part number, barcodes, etc...

But inside there is a booklet that is printed on regular paper (not glossy or shiny paper, just matte paper), and the disc for techtool deluxe looks and feels like the top label is a paper sticker that was put on, and the logo for the techtool company looks a bit poor quality.

If anyone has bought a boxed copy of applecare from apple, can they confirm that the booklet is matte paper and not glossy, and that the disc has a paper sticker like texture and not a glossy smooth shiny texture like most discs?



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    Yes, that sounds like you have a fake, nah, just kidding, that is correct, just go to Apple's website and then register your product. You should be fine...
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