What do you wear to the beach?



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    I now wear Speedo style but usually even smaller (1/2" or 1" sides) brief-style swimwear. Sometimes I wear tight shorts like boxer brief fit (see Daniel Craig as 007), but usually only when I'm in America.

    Board shorts are neither suitable for swimming nor tanning. They are for someone who is either ashamed or prudish, which means 95% of America.

    When I go to the beach or pool in America, I am "that guy". But I'd rather suffer a few snickers than end up with a ridiculous piebald farmer tan.

    Anyway, when I'm with my wife no one cares anyway, because no one is looking at me. I can proudly say that my wife prefers to wear Wicked Weasels. She wears the sheer ones when she can get away with it. Only when we go to the public pool or somewhere very prudish like America does she wear a more traditional, but still sexy full-back bikini (with unlined triangle top and tie sides bottom).

    But why is a new user digging up a three year-old thread about Speedos and man thongs? I would like to see the Google search that led here...
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    Originally Posted by tonton View Post

    But why is a new user digging up a three year-old thread about Speedos and man thongs? I would like to see the Google search that led here...

    It's typically a component of guerilla advertising, which is why I support making older threads read-only.
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    peggy2peggy2 Posts: 1member
    I'd like to respond on behalf of women, don't know how this thread was reopened but if it is active, then I want to put my two cents in.

    For surfing and other water sport activities the appropriate suits are needed and the discussion is mainly about the swim suits, I traveled a little around the words and yes the Americans are conservatives don't know if this is a bad thing but things are changing here too and some areas are more free than others

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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member
    The Speedo thread will never die!
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    Originally Posted by ShawnJ View Post

    The Speedo thread will never die!

    Long live the Speedo thread!
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I live in Missouri. What beach?
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    Who spams with speedos?
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    I understand that all guys should be wearing Speedos. But I am not one of them. I exercise eat well, and all in all I say I have a pretty good body. I wear Speedos and so far I've gotten nothing but good responses. I know that a lot of people say that they don't like them. But honestly when they are confronted by them most people don't seem to care too much about it. Others seem to really dig them, I've have groups of girls follow me around just to get a glimpse others make up things to come and talk to me about. I swear I've never had as many strangers walk up and start talking to me as when I am wearing so little a clothing. I think it?s because since I am so exposed it seems like I have noting to hide and that I might be a bit venerable. I am going to plan a day April 26th, anyone else want to go? After a while everyone will be used to it and no one will care. It'll be fun lets go. Check out my poll. If you want to go hit me up [email protected]. http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/334198
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I do actually own a pair of Speedos...trunks.
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    So check it out I posted a couple of my pics of me in speedos and guess what out of 200 guys in the catagory I am ranked 4th and 8th. People must like them better than they let on. Not to mention I have never heard a bad comment and I wear them all the time to the lake and beach, also when I swim laps at the gym. Here are my rankings is it really that bad??? Can't we get over this stupidness. Can't americans act mature like the rest of the world and not act so retarded about something as stupid as a guys body. So wait its okay to see a womans body but not for a guys, Im insulted what about all that equallity stuff, shouldn't the door swing both ways. And women get off you high horse, there are pleanty of girls that love the site of me in a speedo I know because they walk up to me and tell me. Sorry if I steal a little attention from you, I want to have a nice tan too and be comfortable.


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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    Nothing but a tube sock.
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    I have been wearing speedos now for about 28 years. I remember seeing other guys wearing them and thought it looked nice but was not for sure if I wanted to. Well one night I went swimming in my bikini underwear and realize how good it felt. I bought my first pair of speedos shortly after and have been wearing them every sense. At first it was a bit embarrassing to be seen in them, but has time went on I felt more comfortible in them.
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    aizmovaizmov Posts: 989member
    I go to a nude beach, you insensitive clod!
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    Boardshorts nowadays. I'm just too sexy for my Speedos, too sexy for my Speedos, too sexy by far...
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    Half a bra.

    String included.
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    Geez... the thread that will not die.

    I still wear 1/2" side Hom or similar briefs whenever I go to the beach or the pool (I have about 20 pair in different colors and styles). I also have a few pair of Daniel Craig-style tight shorts, but I rarely wear them as I hate the tanlines they produce.
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    Twenty pair? That's a lot of swimming.
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    Bikini obviously. Girls like bikini most. When you look for bathing suits, don?t forget to go the prints and designs. This style will look best. Vertical and horizontal both are good. Vertical patterns tend to lengthen the body.
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    That is small triangle top, and triangle lower part too. I've for years had several pairs, several colors too .. so I think i'll get a black pair fo bikinis, and a yellow pair, with me for the next TX trip.
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