Apple's tablet announcement: games could be a focus, music unlikely



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    multitasking...that's it! please

    Given its larger screen form factor, multitasking capability for the new iPad/iWhatever will open up some very interesting and possibly deal-making features: the possibility of running 2 or more iPhone/iTouch-sized apps simultaneously and allowing the output of one to influence the other(s) - the potential that could open up here is enormous:

    All your Social Networking apps in view at once - chat, cut and paste with ease, while playing iTunes music in the background... read an e-book (or do whatever you please) in between tweets, IM's and emails.

    Read an e-book, with radio music in the background, call up Dictionary or Wikipedia to look up words, historical and place references, send out live comments on what you're reading via Twitter, Facebook or regular IM and email...

    Play several interactive games simultaneously, or several iterations of the same game to simulate multi-player gameplay (X-Plane + Airliner + Sully's Flight, anyone?) - the possibilities here could be mind-bogglingly and endlessly distracting - keep an eye on the time, though - Tempus Fugit...

    Now imagine music apps like Star Guitar, Star Piano, Multi-Track (a 16-track app), BeatMaker and all operating in sync, with the output of one feeding the input of the other (with the help of a little or a lot of developer collaboration "under the hood"). Serious inspiration on the go...

    SatNav apps feeding their video output from your iPhone to your iPad for even larger map displays and easier controls for your iTunes player and weather/traffic readouts.

    You begin to catch my drift, eh? Eh? Eh? I probably only scratched the surface of what could be in the offing, discussed in hushed whispers behind the "cone of silence".

    Multitasking FTW...

    Hold on to your hats, people, and welcome to the iFuture which has only just begun.

    iCompetitors, just hang your heads and, like my guitar, gently weep.
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