Apple reveals long-awaited multi-touch 'iPad'



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    An Apple tablet would be preferred, but at over three times the cost, no thanks. I like Apple products (my original black MacBook is by far my most used system), but I am a practical person who can do a simple cost-to-benefit analysis - i.e. I get a lot more for $500 than I do for $1700.

    Originally Posted by DaHarder View Post

    [CENTER]If you really need a MacBook Tablet that badly, these guys can help you out...[/CENTER]

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    Thanks Steve for putting a smile on my face, today

    THIS is what you've all been waiting for? A big iTouch?

    Something that does far less than a netbook but costs more? HAHAHA. And yet some of you cultists will still buy this 5+ year old technology.

    PT was right, there's a sucker born every minute. That Jobs is one hell of a snake oil salesman, I'll give him that!
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    motleemotlee Posts: 122member
    Where in the hell is Solipsism?
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    One sleeper: The no-contract GSM so that one can activate and cancel anytime, esp. if doable worldwide, would be HUGE. Steve has promised more news on this by the Summer. Let's see.
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    zanshinzanshin Posts: 350member
    The sheer volume of boring, traditional computer-user type people screaming it's not good, it's lame, it's just a big Touch...

    ...all tells me this is gonna be huge!

    I so remember all of those dweebs pot-shotting the iPods, then the iPhone, and then going out and secretly buying one when you saw all the kool kids had one and the teeny-bop girls liked them for it.

    Let's face it, nothing it's missing can't be added in a HW/OS update or thru an app.

    (Except for those of you who still think WFW 3.11 was the best.)
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    flounderflounder Posts: 2,674member
    It looks pretty nice to me.

    I look forward to purchasing a gen 2 next year when I'll be working again. Hopefully it will have an iSight by then. The lack of video conferencing is really the only bummer for me.
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    gazoobeegazoobee Posts: 3,754member
    Originally Posted by cnocbui View Post

    I am entirely underwhelmed. Hardly more than an enlarged Touch.

    The upside is I won't have to disturb the cobwebs encasing my wallet and my Macbook suddenly seems to be better value for money.

    Yeah, put me in the extremely underwhelmed category as well.

    All that talk about futuristic devices and how Apple was going to "solve" the tablet problem were misplaced it seems. I think this thing will sell like hotcakes at the price they are giving, but technologically speaking there is literally nothing new in this at all.

    The bezel is just a joke. If they couldn't produce a device with a smaller bezel, then what's the point at all? They haven't "solved the tablet input problem" if you have to lay this silly thing down on an table top and peer into it like a wishing well to type.

    The bezel makes the device just barely wide enough so that thumb typing is not an option. It's awkward keyboard typing on your lap or nothing. Notice how Jobs needed to be on the couch for it to work? Notice how they didn't even mention the portrait mode keyboard because if they did, you'd want to type on it and you'd immediately see the device is too wide for that.

    It's literally a way to "couch surf" and not useable at all as a computer without the combo keyboard/dock. You can't effectively type on the thing standing up. You can't reasonably use it on a bus or a train. What's the friggin point of that?

    Giant. iPod. Touch.

    (with better apps).

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    Originally Posted by Katonah View Post

    Thank god for all the geniuses at this forum...... I guess I won't waste my time or money on this abject failure of a product.

    Yes, not one iPad has been sold yet, but the geniuses here (you know who you are!) know that this product will be a total failure.

    Why, I could buy a netbook and run ex pee and squeeze together my fingers on those tiny made of junk keyboards and it would cost so much less..... why would anyone in their right mind want an iPad???

    As a matter of fact, I could have saved a lot of money in the past because these geniuses also said:

    iPod was a joke, overpriced, and would never sell.

    iPhone was overpriced, not a blackberry, on the crummy AT&T network and would fail.

    App store would never catch on.

    Apple Stores would fail.

    As a matter of fact everything Apple sells is overpriced - you can get much cheaper hardware elsewhere, we are all foolish "fanboys" wasting our money. I mean, why drive a BMW when you can drive a Chevy Nova?

    Elegance is unimportant

    Quality is irrelevant

    Design is meaningless

    Value is only definable in dollars

    Simplicity equals mediocrity.

    Yes, THANK GOD for the geniuses that have been so kind to inform me today of how stupid and wasteful this and all Apple products are!!!

    Thank you.

    However, the usual bunch of assholes are trolling here and as usual, their lack of intelligence dictates that they won't appreciate anything you say.

    We have gone over the specs and are reviewing the SDK right now. It was expected and as demoed, it is an amazing piece of work.

    I can't wait to put on my TomTom and Dragon Dictation & Search apps will be a joy to use. I can now see using Dragon Dictation and Pastebot together.

    I originally proposed that the iPad would be more suitable for my spouse. However, I have changed my mind. Thank heavens the price is low enough getting a couple of them is now a no-brainer.

    I would suggest that Kindle is dead. Heck, since all the iPhone apps work right out of the box, Stanza will be obvious, although I expect they will update theirs to better address the new format.

    One final note to all you assholes that have been posting outright lies. Too bad we can't cull you out. Having to go through a pile of crap just to get some well thought out observations is beginning to be a drag.
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    To Global Moderators. Get some balls. Cull out the trolls and the obvious lies being bantered about. Nine pages of crap to sift through.…
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    Originally Posted by Scaramanga89 View Post

    Does anyone here seriously want to say they will type for several hours on a flat screen with no feedback vs a keyboard? ... Not a real OS to many people. ...On a proper computer, with a real keyboard, that does real things.

    But most people DON'T type for hours on end. If they do, they'd use a laptop (or desktop). That's not what the iPad is for. Typical home users spend most of their time browsing the web, watching photos, listening to music, etc., maybe even reading the occasional eBook. About all the typing they do is enter their credit card when purchasing something off the Internet and the odd email. For them it's ideal, apart maybe for the lack of Flash support. My son plays a LOT of Flash games on the web :-)
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    djsherlydjsherly Posts: 1,031member
    Originally Posted by bigdaddyguido View Post

    Perfect Apple product launch.

    This product will absolutely revolutionize our lives, and somehow, once again, many people don't see it. That keyboard dock is the big picture, there are many, many situations where i wont need to bring my laptop at all now. Going on vacation... why bring my big expensive laptop, i can can handle all my photos from the trip, write my journals and blogs on the trip, puruse the web and watch videos.

    This this is useless for me to manage my photos on my trips. My camera uses CF.


    My laptop is now relegated to a desktop, useful for doing work all around the house/office, but too bulky to carry with me for everyday life.

    Don't get rid of it too soon. You still need to sync your iPad. Once you're able to sync to mobile me like you would with iTunes, then you can think about ditching it. I wonder what that data centre Apple's building is for?

    Originally Posted by pixelcruncher View Post

    No multitasking is a deal-breaker. Putting iWork on the iPad without any way to quickly bounce back and forth between different apps/sources really hamstrings it. I echo others who say this is just a big iPod Touch right now.

    I don't see it too much of a problem. I bet that once you create a doc in iwork, you will never have to save it again. Returning to the apps returns you to its previous state.

    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    How about an Office set of apps for this, MSFT? That would be huge for the product......

    I'm not so sure. The different UI Paradigm with iPad means learning a new way to do things. Doesn't really matter whether it's Office or iWork, you'll have to learn new (or slightly different) way to do tasks on their desktop equivalents. To that end, a user may as well learn to use iWork - it writes to Doc. As far as editing other people's generated content... that's interesting, but if iWork can do it reasonably faithfully for the 80/20 rule then there's probably no real problem there either.

    Originally Posted by al_bundy View Post

    no multitasking sucks

    i can buy a netbook for less and listen to pandora and work at the same time. i can also play a movie, resize it and work at the same time. i can resize the hulu desktop app and work at the same time.

    I think you might mean "work". Humans are poor multitaskers. Your productivity might actually increase in the absence of it.

    Originally Posted by hugodinho View Post

    Just saw that you can actually connect cameras or SD cards with an Apple accessory, as well as use Apple's Wireless Keyboard! Neat! Now it begins replacing the netbooks... if only it could do iChat.

    Netbooks are standalone. That's one big thing that iPad isn't.
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    Originally Posted by macshark View Post

    10 hours of "best case" battery life is pathetic. It probably won't even last 4-5 hours under heavy use. They should have made it a few ounces heavier to get at least 8 hours of battery life under heavy use, which would translate to 14-16 hours of "best case" battery life...

    No. They said 10 hours of heavy use. 30 days of standby. Light use may give more battery life. On top of that, Apple always writes the specs with slightly less then what you actually get.
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    b747b747 Posts: 27member
    Wonder if you could tether the iPhone to this...both have Bluetooth after all.
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    I wonder if Apple held off on the video camera(s) at the request of AT&T. How could AT&T keep up with all this streaming data. But, of course, how cool it would be to iChat with other iPad users with this thing! And thereby take iChat to a much larger-scale audience.

    Also, the wide bevel...

    Apple's probably not being stupid on this. That wide bevel seems clearly a decision based on using it. The limitation here is our fat, greasy fingers. We're going to be carrying this thing around and holding it in every which way.
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    Originally Posted by zanshin View Post

    Let's face it, nothing it's missing can't be added in a HW/OS update or thru an app.

    1. iSight. (seriously I don't understand how this is missing, especially with the keyboard stand)

    2. USB port (I mean really?)

    3. SD Card slot (seems like such a given at this point)

    Try again.
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    Only points that struck my interest.

    Unlocked, AT&T 3g plan with moderately aggressive pricing.

    10 hours of VIDEO PLAYBACK. I like the battery life. Better than my iPhone.

    802.11n - FWIW

    Starting Price point: $499 wifi @ 16gb.

    It's a media player/book reader with delusions of granduer.

    No flash?

    No Camera?

    No iChat client?

    No multi-tasking?

    No user profiles? (if this is supposed to be shared...????)
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    sandausandau Posts: 1,230member
    THis is the WORLD's LARGEST apple TV remote control!

    seriously though, with the 140k apps in the store, it's already a winner. game changed. you'll see.
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    Originally Posted by RichL View Post

    Does it have USB host? Would be great if I could plug my camera in and edit photos as I take them.

    That would be too bad if it doesn't. Then I would have to use the laptop to download camera photos. One more device to run back and forth between, this would be a mark against it for me.

    Also, I'm disappointed no iChat forward facing camera. I was hoping this would allow family to keep in touch, now it's laptops or iMacs or nothing, I guess.
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    nikon133nikon133 Posts: 2,600member
    Originally Posted by Ysean View Post

    It has already been seen statistically that the iPod Touch is hurting Nintendo's mobile gaming ecosystem.

    I see the decision to NOT support flash as a very good & forethought move. Flash sucks. It was never meant to handle video or complex processing of any kind (such as these lamentable flash games on the popular social networking sites). This is largely why it is such a resource hog. The functionality was a bolt-on and has never been optimized or integrated properly. You may be surprised that JAVA is faster and uses much less resources than flash. I'm all for the HTML5 movement as long as implementation is done intelligently. It's time for flash to die. It has outlived itself.

    It is good & forethought move... except it is crippling my web experience.

    For me - since English is not my native - it is about the same as if my parents decided some 35 years ago that I should learn Esperanto instead of English. Esperanto is so much easier to learn and very smooth, and being created as modern, universal language, it should replace English.

    Right... except rest of the world still doesn't agree with that.
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    aaarrrggghaaarrrgggh Posts: 1,609member
    I'm impressed (with the exception of no camera). When the price was announced, the selling off stopped. For the long-term patterns in Apple, this has never happened before. It might not be a revolutionary device, but it is something they can sell a million a month of. I really didn't think they could do it for less than $700 (at least not with 3G).

    The one thing I have been researching though is how people react to the Kindle DX vs the Kindle 2. They complain about the added bulk and weight. I'm thinking this will end up as more of a Netbook replacement than an e-reader, but it looks like it can do both quite effectively.

    I have no problem shelling out for a 16GB version... just debating between 3G and not.
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