Bill Gates unimpressed by Apple iPad



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    Originally Posted by hillstones View Post

    Most consumers are not impressed with it either. Although the little fanboys here will try to claim it is the best thing since swiss cheese....too dumb to realize it is nothing more than an iPod Touch.

    Most consumers need to chill out...

    I'm not claiming it's the best thing since "swiss cheese", but I think it's going to do a lot better than you think.
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    Originally Posted by extremeskater View Post

    But its the internet. Being a moderator myself on another forum its very hard to moderate the entire internet. I am sure the Mods do the best they can here but its next to impossible to make a forum a perfect experience.

    I have also found that dong things like banning members just makes the situation worse because its very hard to truly ban a member. There is always a way around a ban. The ignore function is by far the best defense.

    You will also be hard pressed to find a forum or moderators that are willing to give someone a lifetime ban. Its just look at as being too extreme.

    The trouble with the ignore filter is that the comments show up in the replies. The best defence is for users to ignore the trolls.

    If the moderators were watching the threads 24/7 it would be easy to filter out stupid thread hoggers but its difficult.

    Lifetime bans are very severe but surely you can ban someone for a week with warnings?

    [EDIT]In reference to hillstone's comment - use of the term fanboy or derivative thereof should automatically effect a one week ban.[/EDIT]
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    Originally Posted by Rot'nApple View Post

    Which is the MS "Kiss of Success" for an Apple product! That and the nervous laugh we heard from Steve Ballmer when he was expressing his views on Apple's iPhone!

    Couldn't agree more!
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    Originally Posted by TEKSTUD View Post

    Thank you- and no amount of spin here or from Apple will change that. It's basiclly an extension of the iTunes store (an iPod) and, even worse, a hobby exactly like the Apple TV (another iPod) was when it was released. And look where that is today.

    Now I will be accused of being negative and a troll but I could care less.

    Yes, look where the apple tv is today - 6.5 million units sold, the biggest single selling device of it's type. Don't believe the media, the average owner of this device loves it - that it is 'crippled' is the fault of copyright owning content providers.

    And an extension of the largest media platform on the planet, what a terrible idea. It will never catch on.

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    Originally Posted by TEKSTUD View Post

    You must- why did you respond?

    Why even have the thread on the board. I could give a fig about what bill gates thinks or cares.
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    Originally Posted by hillstones View Post

    Most consumers are not impressed with it either. Although the little fanboys here will try to claim it is the best thing since swiss cheese....too dumb to realize it is nothing more than an iPod Touch.

    I love my iPod Touch. For teaching and also for leisure activities, I would absolutely LOVE a bigger, faster iPod Touch with more features. For the same price as a netbook, it's a no-brainer. Count me in.

    And while "most consumers" might not be impressed with the iPad, far more consumers are impressed with the iPad than they are with any Windows tablet that's ever been produced or announced. And that's what's important.

    I fully expect the iPad, and maybe a few copycat devices running Chrome or Android, to surpass netbook sales within 3 years. And that will be an achievement that the haters won't be able to deny any more than they can deny that the iPhone absolutely annihilated WinMo.
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    Originally Posted by Blastdoor View Post

    I think that Gates represents a big segment of the tech nerd set but a small segment of the overall population. The tech nerds look at the iPad's tech specs, not at the whole device. They go down the spec sheet and see a bunch of components and features that are already available in other products (though not necessarily all in the same product, which is kind of the point), and so they are not impressed. They can't see the whole thing and they can't see how other non-tech geeks will see it. They really are tone deaf on this. It's kind of funny to watch. And when you go to the tech nerd sites, you see a lot of confusion and even anger over the device -- I think it's because they're ticked off that once again they are left out in the cold -- the rest of the world perceives something they don't, and it drives them nuts. It's almost as if it reminds them that girls don't like them, never will, and they don't understand why.

    Very well said. Bill is a geek. He thinks like a geek, looks like a geek, and acts like a geek -- consequently other geeks understand his approach and are comfortable with it. He's their guy. Steve is, well, Steve. He tends to really piss off the geeks, who don't understand his approach, and as a result, feel threatened by it. Steve is the anti-geek.

    It's the geeks vs. the anti-geeks. Put that in your hip pocket for future reference. It will explain a lot of what happens next.
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    nkhmnkhm Posts: 928member
    I can't wait to see this be yet another massive success and the doubters quietly shrink into the background.

    The apple tv and macbook air might not sell in the same numbers as iPhones, iPods and the iMac - that doesn't make them failures. If apple is producing failure after failure (as every new product launch is treated by the tech community) how come shares are through the roof, the company is posting massive profits and in the best health of its history.

    A lot of 'experts' on here think they can do better - off you go and make your first billion then.
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    Originally Posted by hillstones View Post

    Most consumers are not impressed with it either. Although the little fanboys here will try to claim it is the best thing since swiss cheese....too dumb to realize it is nothing more than an iPod Touch.

    I have a list as long as my arm for potential applications on the iPad which are not possible on the iPhone.

    There are so many new and exciting applications on the way. And so much better than swiss cheese.
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    I'm unimpressed by Bill Gates
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    Originally Posted by blue martian View Post

    That OS that crashes every minute cause it's a virus' magnet? I heard it can automatically download like 200.000 viruses into your PC in like just a few days!

    OK, the copies are cheaply made and never works very well but hey, it's Microsoft.

    Hey, I just got a "revolutionary" idea for MIcrosoft's new slogan: "Why making things simple if you can make them complicated?"

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    Originally Posted by purpleshorts View Post

    I sorta agree. Stylus would be helpful.

    For general usage the input has to be your fngers. It's just too convenient, but I agree that a stylus has plenty of benefits.

    It's very natural to hold a stylus. I'm sure there will be apps that take advantage of that. I expect to see a good deal of capacitance styli on the market to go along with various iPad apps.
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    normally, i just read through the comments after reading the apple insider articles, but felt compelled to respond to this one after reading the posts here.

    First, i have been waiting and waiting for apple to release a tablet, one that could allow me to transition from my macbook pro in the field and allow me the flexibility of a good tablet.

    I was very disappointed with apples announcement, even though reading rumor sites, i pretty much knew what was coming, i still held hope. just because i was disappointed doesn't mean i hate apple.

    the tablet is useless to me.

    Second, i'm sure consumers will buy it, it's the next big fad item, yes, it will be a trendy item. people can now sit at their coffee shop, read magazines and news without having to squint on their iphone, or slap down the money for a laptop. will it be crazy successful, who knows? time will tell.

    outside of light (and i do mean light) work like email, short documents and whatever the appstore has to offer, i don't see the software market embracing the tablet for it's potential.

    right now, it's limitations (64gb flash hard drive) and ram, it will have a very short lifespan for duty, if it even gets that chance.

    while sketchbook pro is a decent program, who is going to really do anything outside of fingerpaint without a stylus?

    i don't see corel, adobe or other companies rewriting their apps for ipad, they really haven't for iphone, so where is the motivation.

    for photographers? the 64gb drive isn't even as big as the smallest aperture library someone that really uses aperture has. even if they did offer a Lite version, would it really be beneficial? most photographers are going to be shooting raw, and i don't see the processor, ram or hard drive space handling it at all. for a hobby or toy photographer on vacation, maybe, but it's gotta have an interface, not a dock.

    my hope was we would get an osx based machine capable of light editing and photo work. how cool would it be to use gestures in logic or final cut.

    instead, we get a toy. not saying it's not neat, but it sure isn't groundbreaking. it's just bigger.

    who knows, maybe this opens the door for an ipad pro, which can actually be used for real work, or open the door to more touch systems.

    it's a start.

    i just don't see it like some of you do, that it's the most amazing thing just because apple made it. i think they could have done better, could have offered more.

    i have to agree with Bill Gates on this one. i'm a huge apple fan and user, but i'm also realistic.

    it's funny that so many people here find it on themselves to attack what Bill Gates said just because it's not towing the apple line.

    it's just his opinion.
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    Dear Mods,

    What is the point of deleting a user's account if they are allowed to come back with another name? It makes things worse because longtime posters won't be aware of the new alias they previously had ignored and new posters won't be able to read their posting history to get a sense of the their thread derailing habits. It's a clean slate that hurts everyone but the offender.


    Concerned AI Posters.

    Totally agree. I read these threads daily but more often than not, or so it seems, my eyes glaze over and I drift away. What's the point? We all know who the real trolls are. Just get rid of them. It will make this forum a better place. There are plenty places for them to go. For repetitive juvenile Mac v PC rants Cnet is awesome. I am tolerant, really..., there are plenty borderline cases here I wouldn't miss for a second.
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    Originally Posted by Big KC View Post

    Also, John C. Dvorak has lashed out at the iPad, calling it "useless". After reading what he had to say about the iPhone when it was released, this MUST mean that the iPad will be a roaring success.

    Just for kicks, Dvorak on the iPhone. Behold the bloated gasbag in March 2007:

    "The hype over the unreleased iPhone has actually increased over the past month despite the fact that nobody has seen or used the device. This, if nothing else, proves the power of branding and especially the power of brand loyalty."

    "It's the loyalists who keep promoting this device as if it is going to be anything other than another phone is a crowded market. And it's exactly the crowded market aspect of this which analysts seem to be ignoring".

    "The problem here is that while Apple can play the fashion game as well as any company, there is no evidence that they can play it fast enough. These phones go in an out of style so fast that unless Apple has half a dozen variants in the pipeline, its phone, even if immediately successful, will be passé within 3 months."

    "What Apple risks here is its reputation as a hot company that can do no wrong. If it's smart it will call the iPhone a 'reference design' and pass it to some suckers to build with someone else's marketing budget. Then it can wash its hands of any marketplace failures.

    "It should do that immediately before it's too late. Samsung might be a candidate. Otherwise I'd advise people to cover their eyes. You are not going to like what you'll see."
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    Originally Posted by steviet02 View Post

    Steve Jobs is the 'Marketing Guy' that the OP was claiming Gates to be, are you really arguing that point?

    No, Steve Ballmer is a 'Marketing Guy'. Steve Jobs was and is VERY involved in the designing of Apple's products. His vision of how products should look and act touches everything his company puts out. There are also Apple patents with his name on it.

    I would argue that Jobs is more of a 'Design Guy' but that is still as dismissive as the original poster.

    And Bill Gates didn't create DOS, he stole it to sell to IBM. This is history.
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    Honestly, I don't think I would go on record saying anything about a comptetitor's product. The chances of it biting you in the ass are too great. Bill "640K is all anyone will ever need" and "tablets will be the most popular form factor in 5 years" Gates should know this by now.

    Bill doesn't see anything impressive. Noted. It seems that few see its potential.
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    when used by a lot of people this device will have many apps that enable the iPad to become different things in a way a laptop never could be.

    Yeah? Like what? What will it "become" that a "laptop could never be"?

    I realize that iSteve made the claim that it can do things better than any laptop, but he didn't give a single example.

    What are the examples of this?
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    Originally Posted by gts_mac View Post

    nah...he only scribbles all those zeros in his net worth figure.

    It amazes me to this day how people discount and devalue what the MOST SUCCESSFUL (Read: Richest) MAN IN THE WORLD thinks.

    They say: "Nah, ignore him, he's a fool."

    Ah, no sorry, you're the fool. Next.

    People are ignoring him because he has a history of being very wrong when envisioning the future. One can just look at Microsoft's attempts to bring these visions to market to see that. Tablet PCs and SPOT watches make it yet?
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    The problem with capacitance touchscreens is the sensor resolution. The iPhone has a well working algorithm that takes multiple points of contact and determines the precise point you're trying to touch. Unfortunately, those algorithms don't work as well as the number of contact points go down.

    You will never be able to "draw" or write with a stylus on the current iPhone and iPod Touch screens the way you can on a resistive touchscreen. You'll get the zigzagged lines you see on other capacitance touchscreen devices with inferior targeting algorithms.

    That's the problem, and a capacitance stylus isn't the solution. The solution is a capacitance touchscreen with a per-pixel resolution, which does not currently exist.
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