Welcome to the Apple Garden

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Welcome to the Apple Garden!

"I will build a car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one - and enjoy with his family the blessing of hours of pleasure in God's great open spaces."

Henry Ford said of the Ford T

Imagine yourself living, a hundred years ago, in 1910. You are standing in great open spaces and Mr. Ford is driving his black Ford T right in front of you, beep-beep. You actually know that this is whole new auto-mobile invention appeared only 25 years ago on big scene and Henri Ford began producing his famous Ford T automobile only two years ago.

The first mass automobile that every person could afford.

The dream of one man brought freedom of movement ? mobility ? and created a chance for common people to travel far and to travel faster than before. Thus the area of communication increased and people started to use it in gaining the advantage in personal and business use.

Linking this view back to computer, Steve Jobs, a hundred years later, actually did the same thing. He invented the Ford T of IT. Bringing ?Our most advanced technology in a magical & revolutionary device at an unbelievable price?. Making all the modern IT industry a some kind of steampunk comicbook. Good old fashioned with shiny rivets but clumsy.

This time we will see clumsy larva of personal-computing transforming and turning into pupa.

In 40 days there will be butterflies.

A lot of butterflies.

Informational ecosystems

And if there are butterflies then there should be flowers in bloom for the whole info ecosystems to be in constant progress, expanding, growing, competing and living.

But IT system is getting more and more complicated process especially trying to satisfy human needs. Especially when this human is you and you are reading this text from monitor of your computer. Actually how much info do you consume daily?

(Consider yourself lucky consuming info and not spending all your life time wandering where to get some food or clear water)

Media capacity of Human

The United States life expectancy of 77.8 years at birth

"Health, United States, 2006". Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics. November 2006. Retrieved 2007-08-15.

Let?s calculate. Whole life is 77.8 years = 28400 days = 681600 hours

Let?s say, if you spend 4 hours a day (some day more, some day less) consuming media (browsing, TV/video, music, books) satisfying you curiosity, searching for leisure or knowledge. From the day of your birth till the day of your death it will be 113600 hours.

If you watch TV or DVD video all the time you only have to have 75733 DVDs (90 minutes per one) to watch (imagine it in a pile) and it counts 355,945 Gigabytes

If you listen to music it is only 12,480 Gb (Mp3, 256 kbps 1 min = 1.875 Mb) ? it is possible to have such collection at home now.

If you read (average reading speed is 200 wpm, average word length in English is 5.1 letters (for calculation it will be 5.1 plus 1 space) 1 byte is one symbol in txt file, so 512 Kb of text including spaces will be read in 7 hours) it will take 8 Gb of TXT files to supply you with reading for almost whole life.

How to keep it? How to organize it? How to manage it?

Me, Myself and Info

The answer is iStore. I store music, tv shows, videos, books etc. And actually I am paying not for the content (authors will get their share of course) but for the grand library and its catalogue. Or even more precise, for interaction between I (me, myself) and my present Info.

That?s why Apple build iPad. Functionally, iPad is not a computer and iPad is not a phone. This is INTERACTIVE TERMINAL with solid state cache to keep necessary info at palm of my hands. And of course technically, this is computer because it is programmed to be Terminal ? a fully functional REPRESENTATION of computer. And SDK will free its inner computer for IT crowd. ?Gold rush for developers?. Attractive flowers will get better fruits of revenues.

Apple made it real simple appliance for satisfying Media and communication needs of common people. Like TV with its remote controller, with ?one click shopping? and iTunes synching. That?s why this ecosystem is closed. No occasional info flows are allowed. It is membrane that keeps your personal organized info space protected. That?s why software is checked before it enters the Apps Store.

Because everybody needs to know when everything started and how it is going.

Everybody has to have History.

Ask yourself how many files do you have on your computer?

Do you use them often or just keep them for instant access?

Because instant is going to be main word for Web 3.0.

Instant access, instant service, instant solutions. At palm of your hands.

Push the button, slide and have world right in front of you.

You are entering Apple Garden.

Apple Garden Visions


Your kid has one of this iPads. And it has some apps on it like Math, Natural Sciences, Language etc. With just one touch kids can have instant access to all educational materials required. All explanations with video, pictures, voiceovers, schemes, texts etc. And all this info connected to school servers with constant update and parental control. This is closed informational ecosystem. No other info flow is allowed. But not until kids are ready to go into wild info jungles of modern Internet.


Your doctor has one of this iPads. And you have too. He can monitor your state of health by receiving data from online form filled by you. Just a few touches ago. And there you are! on instant link with a doc. And doc has instant access to all data of all his patients stored on secured medical server. And this info is constantly updated through (WiFi or Bluetooth) medical sensors connected to patients. Doc is seeing your heartbeat in real time.


You are an employee. Your iPad has all tasks stacked and organized. Every word is counted. No more misunderstanding of ?who-said-what?. You access corporate server to interact with your work files. You see them opened, modified and saved. But all this data is kept on secure corporate server. You only interact with them. You cannot lose it, copy it or accidentally delete it. All this restrictions are leaving you with no choice of random info inputs and outputs except by your own hands. All your actions are automatically bureaucratized and recorded. This is your work history with bug reports.

You?ll have to learn how to use it.

Only work places will have unlimited or needed input/output systems. Open mobile position means defined input/output of data. Fixed secured position means open unlimited input/output capabilities.

You are head boss. Now you are more like commander. You give orders and they are tracked. You can monitor activities and daily reports from your personnel. Instant data to analyze and to make corrections ?en route?. Online cooperating, synchronized file control, instant encryption, closed corporate info roads ? these are signs of closed informational system.

Hmm, maybe add some fingerprint reader or face recognition module or both?

And one more: PC turned to workbench now with greater power, storage, computing special utilities (photoshop, cads, statistics, any serious software etc). PC is now machine-tool ? a real COMPUTEr. You can construct one that you need for special kind of task.


Yeehaw! should cry everybody. Games will never be the same. Because iPad will let new fun interactive games appear, and video game consoles will turn into supercomputers for running real astonishing graphics and super visual quality for those who need it desperately.

Get ready to pay for instant access to organized library of every kind of entertainment: pictures, videos, tv shows, music etc.

Education, health, corporate, entertainment ? these are closed informational ecosystems where info should be carefully gathered, stored and secured. Monitored. These are vitals.

But what about open informational ecosystems? ? Modern Internet is open informational ecosystem. A whole lotta infojungle: phishing, spam, porn, violence, viruses, adware, spyware, trojans etc. but this is the first time human entered a net of digital jungles. Anonymity is great thing but it produces so much redundant info that everybody dependant on it began to overflow and to freeze. Hello, crisis!

Now it is time to build trusted sources internet where info flow is connected directly to a person or organization that is responsible for it. We have to take the best fruit trees from this jungles to make them grow bigger and stronger in cultivated info gardens.

Social networks.

Social networks - Web 2.0 was all about them. iPad allows social networks to grow even bigger. Because communication is the social activity. The more people connected more social power they will have. Combining efforts together they can make drastic real life change.

Such simple to use mobile device will boost social activity to new level of interaction and cooperation between people, large groups of people. So the borders could dissolve

This visions bring many challenges for the whole IT industry: like mass car production resulted overall grow of chemical, metal and other industries. iPad model will require total spread of inforoads (wifi spots, cellular stations etc) as widespread as usual roads?n?rails now. And electricity is the oil of digital world today. So new freedom requires new responsibility.

Imagine yourself living in 1910.

Ford T is appearing on the streets of America.

Go back to 2010.

iPad will appear in 40 days.

It will change our life forever.

Be ready!


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    Allow me to be the first to say...WHAT...THE...HELL...
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    macroninmacronin Posts: 1,174member

    Kormac77, is that you??!?

    solarein, let the man preach it?!

    Yeah, a little on the poetic side (he says with tongue firmly in cheek), but the original poster is really hitting the nail on the head with what the iPad is, and can become?

    I say hang on to your hats kids, because, as far as the world of personal computing and global communications goes, we are just now slowly entering into a whole new era?

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    Originally Posted by MacRonin View Post

    Kormac77, is that you…?!?

    solarein, let the man preach it…!

    Yeah, a little on the poetic side (he says with tongue firmly in cheek), but the original poster is really hitting the nail on the head with what the iPad is, and can become…

    I say hang on to your hats kids, because, as far as the world of personal computing and global communications goes, we are just now slowly entering into a whole new era…

    This whole new era that you and the original poster refers to...we seem to have entered it when people figured out they can access the internet from their laptops.
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    Originally Posted by solarein View Post

    This whole new era that you and the original poster refers to...we seem to have entered it when people figured out they can access the internet from their laptops.

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    Go back to your Apple garden and stay off the drugs.
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