What about a new iMac?



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    [QUOTE=BenjaminN;1551217]Hi AppleInsiders!

    I'm new here. I was planning to buy a new iMac and I was wondering if there was any chance that Apple would refresh the current configuration with a new processor after the planned keynote at the end of this month? I'm pretty excited about getting a new iMac and I would be pretty pissed if a week after they released some awesome new iMacs!

    thank you for any informations you could give me guys!

    are you aware it's been about 3 months since the last imac refresh?
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    Originally Posted by tsehese View Post

    Imagine having bought the tablet and use it around the streets, at work and wherever we

    are. Then you get home, place the tablet in an iMac Dock et voila: our tablet has

    transformed into an iMac. Here, I believe that the next iMac will be in this way.

    Who wants to use a screen that small as a desktop computer?
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    I would love to. The only problem is that here the cost difference is closer to $780, depending on the exchange rate. We pay $1820 for the lower end 21'5 imac. (see the attached Gizmodo note)

    Do you perhaps know how AC runs on this mac?..

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