Apple predicted to introduce lower cost iPhone models in June



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    fulldecentfulldecent Posts: 108member
    I'd like to buy a new/used/refurm 2G iPhone... and I cant find one for less than $100. What are you talking about?
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    In Montreal Canada the 3GS for an average employed consumer that does not have some room for tax deductions when purchasing an iPhone the 32GB iPhone 3GS is around $900, taxes included.

    If you want to save around $500, you can go to a phone company and sign a 3yr contract with a data plan. If you cancel the data plan within the 3 years, you are charged a penalty $$$ ... Plus, let's say after a year and 6 months, you have no more warranty and the phone breaks, you have to ditch out the full price of $900 to get it replaced or buy a used one online for around $500.


    The phone is tons of fun ... I speak of apple products and the iphone to my wife almost daily and how great it is ... do I own one .. no ... was I going to get one, yes ... did i get one .. no ... why ? For our budget ... I cannot afford one, even on a three year contract ... plus, there are talks of a newer model in the summer. It's not just the initial cost ... you buy the phone and then you have to buy the apps and games that justify it that make it fun and very useful... I know life is "unfair" at times and it sucks to be me ... yet come on ... if the product is THAT amazing and sells itself, then a lower price would not damage the people's perception of it THAT much ... pricing it at $200 without a contract can perhaps make some room for money that would go to an affordable data plan + money to treat myself to some really cool apps ... and that's it ... even when I graduate with a BA and have full-time employment, I don't want to move my "retirement" savings into Apple Products

    QUOTE=DyingSun;1580008]I find it quite funny when I see US customers complaining about the iPhone's price. Do you have any idea how much you have to pay for a 32Gb 3GS over here (Portugal)? ?700! That's around $950!!! You may eventually get a deal (with a new contract) for about ?400, but that's still $550, almost twice as much as in the US.

    So don't tell us, in Europe at least, about the iPhone being expensive...[/QUOTE]
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