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Another one bites the dust.

"*\tOver 200,000 active, registered users

*\tSolid, Recurring Traffic Levels

*\tCurrently: 300,000+ page views / 35,000 uniques per day

*\tPeak: 32.5 million videos streamed, 1.8 million unique users in 1 week (January 2001)"

...and they still went belly could a web site become so popular so fast that they couldn't stay afloat?


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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Maybe it's just another case of some company learning the hard way that they have to actually provide something real and tangible to exist?

    Perhaps they, like many companies, had a bunch of higher-ups who were mismanaging fools, bleeding the company at every turn?

    Perhaps these same higher-ups were the kind of modern twits who spent wildly on an office full of the latest high-tech, "gee whiz" gadgets and "look how I've arrived, even though I'm only 29 and don't shave..." status symbol crap.

    Perhaps they're driving Range Rovers and BMWs on a Saturn or Hyundai budget?

    Could be. I don't know.

    If that IS indeed the case, good riddance. Another DESERVING one bites the dust.

    How in the hell can you be "so successful you can't stay afloat"? What the hell?

    If you're successful and strong and manage everything wisely, you can't not succeed.

    That's why my money is on the higher-ups there. I'm sure it'll come out eventually some of the stupid stuff done at management level that helped cause this.

    Lots of other smaller, less popular sites than seem to be doing just fine.

    "Ooh, I'm wildly popular, visited by millions, etc. and I went belly up because of that very fact!"

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    Adcritic was much better back when they didn't require memberships. It was faster. It got so slow and crappy after a while that I stopped visiting.
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    Yeah, I stopped going when the servers suddenly couldn't serve up the stuff a while back. Seemed to happen overnight. It was soon followed by the membership thing, which I would have done if I could actually watch the stuff.
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