What will Apple deliver this coming September?

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September might be still many months away, but that doesn't mean we can't guess/wish what Apple might deliver for the upcoming iPod update. I'm being very conservative with my predictions.

iPod nano: keeps current form factor and features, doubles the capacity for same price point.

iPod touch: brings the current 8GB model price down to $169, adds radio and video camera to 32GB and 64GB, drops their price by $50 and introduces 128GB model for $449*. The iPod touch is the fastest selling iPod and a gateway to the App Store, it is natural for Apple to expand the iPod touch selection both upmarket and downmarket.

iPod classic: either an increase in storage -is it even necessary- or a price drop, but can also be nothing more than new colors. The introduction of the 128GB iPod touch means the iPod classic days are numbered.

iPod shuffle: doubles storage at current price.

* Reminder: when Apple first introduced the iPod touch it was 8GB for $299 and 16GB for $399.

Let's get this started. What do y'all think?


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    stevegmustevegmu Posts: 539member
    A built-in FM tuner for the iPod touch would be nice. I think they will drop the 8GB model.
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    aizmovaizmov Posts: 989member
    Apple needs an entry iPod touch, they could double the storage and keep it at $200.
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    I would think the radio would be nice on the Nano and Touch. A camera is most definitely going to be on the next gen Touch, as iFixit had reported a while back that there's room there.
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