iPad Missing 3 Key Features

in iPhone edited January 2014
If Apple added:

+ Multitasking for up 5 apps (similar to WebOS cards)

+ A file system

+ A camera

And to a lesser extent, a wish-list:

- A USB port

- Exchange support (I don't use it, but I imagine a lot of people would welcome it)

- Flash

If they added all these (at least the first three), who would EVER be able to downplay the iPad? I mean, seriously it would have EVERYTHING.


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    So I went to check out the iPad today and overall, it's a very slick device. Very fun to use!

    I was, however, disappointed when I launched Safari and found this:


    Yowch. Overall a nice device, but seeing checkerboards all over the internet, in addition to blue legos, well, that's quite a letdown.

    So much for Steve Jobs' claims of "The best browsing experience ever", eh?
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