How long til the "war" is over?

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I thought of this once I heard the reports (probably BS) that Osama is dead. When will the USA stop its campaign against the Al Quaeda organization? I know that we will never take ALL of our troops and operatives out of other countries; that's a little too much to hope for in the modern political climate. So my question really is, what event will cause George W. to come out and say "We have won."?

Will it require the body of bin Laden?


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    His balls would suffice.
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    It will never be over. bin Laden is a small albeit important cog in the al Queda machine. The "War on Terrorism" will end up pretty much like the "War on Drugs".

    I think we'll finish clearing out Afganistan and maybe one more country ourselves, but after that chances are we'll just lend financial and training assistance to the rest of the world to keep the terrorist organizations on the run.

    One good thing that will come from this war is the (limited) respect from the Arab peoples. They admire and respect strength, so we'll have a couple of years w/o serious terrorist actions against us (just like after Persian Gulf war).
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    I find is strange how we can declare a "war on terrorism" and then just focus on a single terrorist orginizaion. Perhaps it should be "war on those bastards who attacked us" and not "war on terrorism".
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    [quote]Originally posted by RyanTheGreat:

    <strong>I find is strange how we can declare a "war on terrorism" and then just focus on a single terrorist orginizaion. Perhaps it should be "war on those bastards who attacked us" and not "war on terrorism".</strong><hr></blockquote>

    That's what I always wondered. We're targeting one group but that doesn't mean other terrorists won't attack us. I'm sure there are plenty of other anti-American terrorists out there.
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    cdhostagecdhostage Posts: 1,038member
    I forget, who exactly are we at war against if no the Al Quaeda? They are not a national entity, don't even try to claim them selves as one. If they did, they could claim some land as their own and we would ANNEX THEIR ASSES!

    Then give it to Afghanistan or something. Unless it has some oil underneath it, in which case the US oil companies would latch on and sell it as 75% of OPEC-supplied prices. Everyone trying to sell OPEC-supplied oil would lose some custromers.
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    The stratgey seems to be "Arm local groups and have them fight the war for us".

    I wonder how well that will pan-out in the long term. Judging by the folks we've supplied arms and training to in the past, we'll be fighting today's good guys by the time we're finished with today's bad guys.
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    As long as it keeps our boys safe. No one fight better than the ones being oppressed. You think the norther alliance thought of fighting the Taliban as being a chore? I bet the relished every moment especially with us giving them air and ground support. They must have loved finally winning. To our boys, it was just a job, although most realized the importance because of what happened on 9/11.
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    WW3... ??? Ha!

    I can do ya one better...

    How about "The Neverending War"...

    "turning anti-terrorism into a giant american racket..."

    Billions and Billions of dollars going here, going there...

    Undermining Constitutional Rights, Creating even Bigger Goverment and "I think" of what little bit we are aware of, we dont know the half of it... Conspiracy or Working the System? Capitalism or terrorism/anti-terrorism?... this whole situation has had a distinct "Smell" ever since the beginning?...

    <a href=""; target="_blank">War_on_Terrorism?!? - Link</a>



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    The war in Afghanistan is winding down, but there are several other nations that harbor Islamic militants and terrorists. We've already sent Special Forces troops to the Philippines to train the local military to combat a group linked to Al Quaeda. I think the basic goal is to eliminate every terrorist organization that might want to attack the US or at the very least keep careful tabs on them. It will take years.
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