Apple hints at first-party Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter



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    Originally Posted by John.B View Post

    Edit: How do we know which cables or connectors are capable of passing audio through to the HDMI connector?

    Answering my own question, from an online chat at


    TS - Jonah C (Level 1): (To see a copy of our Chat Privacy policy, please go to the following address, )

    TS - Jonah C (Level 1): Thank you for contacting Monoprice Tech Support.

    TS - Jonah C (Level 1): My name is Jonah. How may I assist you?

    you: Does the Mini DisplayPort Male to HDMI Male 32AWG Cable - 6ft (Product ID 5995) pass audio from the mini-DisplayPort connector through to the HDMI connector?

    TS - Jonah C (Level 1): our adapters do support audio

    you: Thanks!

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    Originally Posted by hmurchison View Post

    Here's a good link for people

    You know I really hate to be snarky about the this stuff. It just grows tiring. The differentiation is quite easy.

    HDMI = consumer electronics.

    DisplayPort = computer display.

    For example.

    4k video over HDMI 1.4 maxes at 24 frame per second because it's tailored for movie playback.

    4k display over DP supports 60fps and higher framerates because it's aimed at display tech

    We now have a Quad 720p display with the Apple 27" iMac and odds are Quad 1080 are coming to replace the 30"

    HDMI simply doesn't have the bandwidth to handle high refresh, high bits per pixel and high resolution. DP is designed to handle these technologies via its roadmap.

    It's clear why Apple doesn't put HDMI on computers. DisplayPort makes putting HDMI on a Mac redundant. The niche amount of people that want to put Mac on their HDTV pale in comparison to the people that need a good connector for computer display.

    Once in a blue moon, you will stumble across a visually impaired person, like myself, who sees HDMI as a potential work-around. I play hell viewing the tiny text on this website. Until there is another way to achieve low resolution, a must for me, HDMI sounds like the only option. I struggle daily with my 1680 by 1050 iMac. I would like to have a larger screen, with a lower resolution. Isn't HDMI the only solution? I am not trying to be part of an argument. I have a need. It appears as if HDMI could fix it. I have not used an HDTV on my iMac. Perhaps someone can tell me if I am all wrong and won't be happy with HDTV and a Mac. It would be insane to think of HDMI as the only output connector on a Mac, but being able to adapt to it, seems like a useful thing.
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    I found this adapter at OWC:
    They claim it supports audio over the hdmi connection. Anyone have one of these? Does it work?

    It costs $20. Not too bad. Their 6 foot hdmi cable is $24, which seems high.
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