Road to Office 2011: New looks, support for Exchange, VBA



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    bhartleybhartley Posts: 4member
    OneNote? I'd love to know if they will or if they're not adding this as part of the suite... And if not... why? I could only imagine that teachers, like myself, would love to have this... I'm aware of many other programs that can act as a note taking tool... but teaching the sciences and maths I need to be able to draw diagrams, graphs and special symbols with ease... Using a tablet to do so, I've been using the Airliner by smart technologies... MS must be getting requests for it... Bootcamp, Parallels... is too cumbersome... but my mbp is the first generation intel. I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this
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    tpf1952tpf1952 Posts: 65member
    Originally Posted by John.B View Post

    With apologies to Jerry Maguire:

    Show me the menu!

    Very funny!
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    sapridynesapridyne Posts: 5member
    Originally Posted by eizzumdm View Post

    I had to look up those acronyms for myself.

    EAS is Exchange ActiveSync

    Then EWS is Exchange Web Services, as the article mentions.

    Initially, yes. Then he begins to refer to the technology as EAS. He is incorrect.
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    nanotechnanotech Posts: 38member
    Wow, how did messenger get that big comparing the two versions. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the only thing it really adds just A/V support for chats? Word got bigger too, hope it loads faster.
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    For those worrying about the ribbon interface, you can easily hide it and use the formatting toolbar instead.

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    bugsnwbugsnw Posts: 717member
    It's very nice having Office, or at least Excel and Word, on the Mac. I actually like Excel. The more compatible they make it with the Windows version, the better. I can adapt very quickly to an odd interface.

    What I hope is this version puts an end to devastating crashes in Excel that come out of nowhere and destroy your data. It's the only App for us that has this behavior across all our Macs at the office. Save often and back up your data. And cross your fingers.

    Any word on whether the Student Edition will arrive at the same time as the parent app, and for the same price? It's a good value.
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    paxmanpaxman Posts: 4,729member
    Originally Posted by sippincider View Post

    The only feature I want is 100% compatibility between Office Windows and Office Mac documents.

    Not 95% compatibility. Not something on par with a freeware file converter. 100% compatibility.

    Reminds me of the Bad Old Days of GM, when all the various divisions (Chevy, Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Caddy) had similar-but-different powertrains.

    Really, how many separately-engineered versions of the same component did one automaker need?? MS would do very well to learn from this.

    The two versions should be identical command and menu layout except perhaps where it breaks with Apple / Windows gui conventions.
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    For me the issue is not what it looks like but whether the ?features? can easily be used.

    Styles are a mess and get worse with each version. Heading numbering is bizarre and difficult to use. Text wrapping is not as good as it was for Word 4 on the Mac. It is no longer WYSISWG. The really useful functions don?t appear in any menu or toolbar (clear paragraph formatting, remove automatic numbering, update styles with one click, spike, reveal codes, etc).

    I see a lot of word documents are most are badly formatted, and miss out on simple matters such as avoiding having heading sitting on the last line of a page.

    Thankfully it is highly customisable. My Word is the same on my Mac as it is on my work PC.
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    macologistmacologist Posts: 264member
    I'll be migrating from PB G4.10.4.11 to the New MBP as soon as the New iPhone is out next month(?)

    Will my Office 2004 run on New MBP, 10.6.4? Anyone doing that? I use Entourage for my email and Word. Basic stuff...

    When New iPhone is out, I guess I'll have to switch to Mail, so that it plays blamelessly with guess is that Mail + are a proven Duet, vs. this new Office 2011/Email PIM, unless MSFT will introduce some Extra "Pro PIM" Features?! So, I wonder if there would be any reason to return to Entourage, or Outlook, if MSFT changes the name, vs. Mail... Anyone knows anything about that?

    If Office 2004 runs on New MBP, that would be a big relief - one less headache! I have nothing against Pages, but, my Word needs are minimal, so I hope I can avoid Pages...

    Also, when is this Office 2011 scheduled to come out? I'd have to delay my MBP and iPhone purchase for it, right? That timing doesn't make sense..., right?

    My biggest hurdle is to migrate my Treo/Palm Desktop Memos to iPhone... Yes, I heard about Missing Sync, and other stuff...

    Hope Dreamweaver 8, Quicken 2004, Palm Desktop 4.2.2 run on that latest Snow Leopard too, so that I can make the smoothest transition! Add Canon LIDE 60 Scanner, Dayna EtherPrint (serial to Ethernet switch), so that I don't have to replace my HP 5MP that works great since 1996, but I don't print much!!!

    Thanks for any and all feedback!
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    er20194er20194 Posts: 5member
    At work we have OneNote and its pretty useful.... it would be nice if Microsoft would move that to the Mac as part of Office 2011. Does anyone have any ideas if this will happen of if there is a usable Mac alternative?
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    targontargon Posts: 103member
    This ugly POS ain't getting anywhere near my Mac.

    What's with the hideous Windows 3.1 icons in the Project Window: ''

    The References Project window doesn't look very Mac like either. This is an M$ Windows design with a long scrollable list of checkboxes in a non resizable window, with no alternate row colors.

    Floppy disc icon in the toolbar for save WTF? What frelling year and century is this again?

    Search Field is wrong. I don't have a single Cocoa application, nor have I ever used or seen one that has a search field like that :

    Stinks of portware, just like every other POS pile of junk the lusers at M$ are only capable of mass producing.

    Wish M$ and Adobe would fsck off an die.
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    zoolookzoolook Posts: 657member
    This is good news - if my work Office suite and home Office suite are closer together, it'll save me a few fist-biting moments.
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    icyfogicyfog Posts: 338member
    Couldn't care less. Microsoft software won't be installed on my Macs.
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    williamgwilliamg Posts: 322member
    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Microsoft's forthcoming Office for Mac 2011 promises greater feature parity with its Windows version,

    All Mac users should thank Microsoft for being such a good company that they are willing to make software for the Mac. There are lots of big software companies who ignore the Mac completely.
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    williamgwilliamg Posts: 322member
    Originally Posted by christopher126 View Post

    Agreed, I made a promise awhile back that I would never have an MS product in my house, place of business or on my Apple computers...ever again!

    Why did you make that promise?
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    str1f3str1f3 Posts: 573member
    Originally Posted by WilliamG View Post

    All Mac users should thank Microsoft for being such a good company that they are willing to make software for the Mac. There are lots of big software companies who ignore the Mac completely.

    I'd agree to an extent. MS makes serious cash off of Mac Office and, as in the past, there might be anti-competitive concerns if they stopped making it. That being said the MacBU have always been nice and have posted on Mac forums from time to time. Can't be easy being the Mac portion of MS and having to deal with some Apple fanboys.
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    lilgto64lilgto64 Posts: 1,147member
    I recently installed Office 2007 on my work machine (windows xp) and almost immediately had to switch back to 2003 for Word and Excel - primarily because I use macros extensively and while they function on 2007 - there is no way to customize the toolbar and include custom icons and keyboard shortcuts for my macros. Yes you can put them in the quick access toolbar but no custom icon or keyboard shortcut. Yesterday - for just one customer - I had to open 25 word docs and run a custom macro against that doc - which I can do VERY quickly form the keyboard alone with Word 2003 - but which requires me to mouse to a tiny target in 2007 - a target which thanks to the way windows handles menu bars is in a slightly different place all the time.

    It did take me awhile to figure out where they had moved stuff to in 2007 and that you can get to a lot of stuff with right click and much of it seemed rather arbitrary as to why they moved things as they did. For a decade+ use of Office the switch to 2007 is rather painful. on the flip side folks who start with 2007 have a hard time using 2003 and older versions.

    On the mac side I don't use Office extensively though it will be nice to have some feature parity - especially when it comes to VBA and macros - that way I can test my code and such - or get some work done on the native Mac side when my windows machine is not working.

    Office 2007 on my wife's 10" netbook is awful when the ribbon is on - takes up a third of the screen so tools and menus and status etc.
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    tazinlwfltazinlwfl Posts: 117member
    Originally Posted by jpcg View Post

    I don't know. I really like the clean Mac look. I work with Office 2007 at work too, but in my opinion the new one really looks unpleasant. I don't like the smallish little Word-Symbol that obviously is supposed to replace the Office Button, and the even more washed out blue color. The Office/Word Button is vital for using Office and Ribbon-newbees will have a hard time trying to find out how to Print, Save as.. etc... The blueish ribbon also was somewhat iconic for Office, now it has this old white inlay. Don't like that... Guess they needed to change something so that everyone sees that the User feels that he is running the new Version of Office.

    Love what the Mac Bu did! Great Job. Maybe will even buy Office for Mac this time!

    Edit: Yeah I know I'm picky, but thats why I use a Mac...

    The office button was replaced with the "FILE" tab, which I like much better.

    And I prefer the "Black" theme:

    Much nicer IMO, and cleaner...

    (they still have the blue one)
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    mytdavemytdave Posts: 447member
    Just from the screen shots the new Mac Office looks tons better than the current Windows Office (07), and even the forthcoming Windows Office (10). We just got Win Office 07 pushed on us at work, and it's hideous; almost completely unusable. Thank God I have a Mac and can avoid Office 07. The 'ribbon' UI is not a bad concept, it's just the implementation was terrible. The light blue everywhere is killer on the eyes, and "Clear Text" looks horrible, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    But it seems like the MacBU has been able to keep the best features of the 'ribbon' but make it look and behave in a Mac manner. With the addition of Outlook and the return of VBA, I might once again consider a purchase of Office. I had completely written off M$ (haven't bought a thing from them since Mac Office X) but may reconsider now. I will thoroughly test it out first however.

    My question is, M$ - where's my Visio and Project apps? Hmm?
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    nadynenadyne Posts: 6member
    Originally Posted by AppleInsider

    It's trailing in features such as support for Public Folders (something Microsoft has depreciated, but that many Exchange Server shops still use), delegation features, support for an "online mode" for only syncing recent items, or the use of "distribution group" contacts.

    It's true that Exchange Web Services (EWS) doesn't have all of the features of MAPI today, although the Exchange team is continually adding support. My team has been working very closely with them to help them prioritise features to add to EWS. For example, public folders are supported -- in fact, that's how Entourage for Web Services accesses free/busy information. Likewise, delegation is also supported.

    Originally Posted by AppleInsider

    The new Outlook for Mac in Office 2011 appears to use EWS, just like Apple's Snow Leopard apps. Entourage originally used WebDAV, which was terribly slow. Microsoft has since patched it to make use of EWS, so the differences between Entourage and the new Outlook may not be as Earth shattering as some users might hope.

    Outlook:Mac does use EWS. WebDAV was deprecated in Exchange 2007, and has been completely removed from Exchange 2010. Additionally, as of Exchange 2007, MAPI is de-emphasised. EWS is the future.

    Entourage 2008 uses WebDAV for most things, and uses EWS in a few places (such as for setting out-of-office messages). In Entourage for Web Services, we ripped out every line of WebDAV code from Entourage 2008 and replaced it with EWS code. Replacing all of that is a bit more than a patch.

    Originally Posted by AppleInsider

    Notably, its Toolbar now works like a standard Mac OS X app with drag and drop customization

    Actually, the Entourage 2008 toolbar was a standard OS X toolbar, too. You can customise it: just go to the View menu and select "customise toolbar", or cmd-click on the toolbar and select "customise toolbar" there.

    Originally Posted by dolphyjazz

    Now the mac users at work will want me to write vb code behind their excel sheets.

    You could do AppleScript instead, if your Mac users don't need it to be cross-platform. We've got great AppleScript support. Since you're already familiar with VBA, you might find the VBA to AppleScript transition guide to be useful in learning what you can do with AppleScript and Office. If you find that there's something you could do in VBA that you can't in AppleScript, please submit feedback to us to let us know about it. We've put a lot of effort into our AppleScript dictionary, and we update it in every release.

    Originally Posted by macologist

    Also, when is this Office 2011 scheduled to come out?

    It's coming out at the end of this year.

    Originally Posted by str1f3

    Can't be easy being the Mac portion of MS and having to deal with some Apple fanboys.

    Well, we're all Apple geeks too, so we've got common ground. Personally, I'm as close to 100% Mac as I can be. I don't use Windows at home, and my Windows usage in the office is limited to Microsoft-internal stuff that can't be accessed on my Mac (for me, that's primarily the websites that I have to use to book travel and submit expense reports).

    Most people are pretty reasonable in recognising that the MacBU is comprised of Mac geeks who are committed to the platform. We're the only third-party software company that's been developing continuously since the beginning, and I think we're the largest Mac development shop outside of Apple themselves (although I haven't checked on that one to be sure). We've got people who have been developing Mac software for their whole careers, and that's 20+ years for some of our folks.


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