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When I'm logged in as root I notice the fast user switching menu doesn't display the short or full name, just a blank space. In my regular account, it does.

Is this normal?


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    rob_06rob_06 Posts: 75member
    No that is not normal to have hidden files showing.

    Do any other files starting with a full stop show up?
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    spotonspoton Posts: 645member
    Ok, this is going to sound a bit strange, but your running as root user for some obvious high level purpose that sudo isn´t good enough and then your asking why ¨root¨ doesn´t show in the fast user switching menu?

    Then you go as far as posting a picture too?

    Forgive me, but it sounds like your a rookie at this, thus I should give you some warning.

    If your not a rookie, then please just ignore below, consider it for the others who are considering running as root.

    Are you aware of the dangers of running as root user? It exposes your complete system to any alteration by anything at anytime, without your consent or knowledge even. It´s not to be used except if your programming or some other purpose where entering your Admin password or sudo all the time would be a hassle. Sudo/Admin password gives one root powers, but for a limited time, thus it decreases the exposure time to your system.

    Heck running as Admin is bad enough and that´s the default setup on every new Mac!

    General User is the only safe choice for most all users, it offers the most protection with lowest privileges, if something requires a bit more privilege, a window pops up asking for both the Admin name and the Admin password (sudo), thus confirming you approve of the action, then it times out, leaving your machine secure once again.

    To change the default Admin user to General User, create another Admin User in System Preferences>Accounts with a long random password and log into it, switch the first/default Admin User to General User and log out and into General User.

    Everything will be the same, except if you need to install or move stuff in and out of certain folders, then OS X will ask for the Admin name and password to confirm.

    With Apple doing a royal sh*tty job of securing their own browser, being the prime avenue of attack on the iPod Touch, iPhones, iPads and Macs, one needs all the levels of security it can get. Running as root is asking for disaster.

    If your running Safari, turn off Javascript until further notice. See U.S. CERT advisory.
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