Opinion wanted: Pre-order or take my chances at retail?

in iPhone edited January 2014
OK, here's the question. I want two new iPhone 4s. They say if I pre-order, there's a good chance that I can have my new phones in 7-10 days, but I probably won't get one the first day. On the other hand, if I don't pre-order, I can hit up every at&t location around and possibly find one the first day.

What should I do?


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    stevegmustevegmu Posts: 539member
    The US has Apple fever. Go with the sure thing- pre-order.
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    I'm pretty sure Apple will send out a great demand of iPhone 4 smartphones on its release date.
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    fuzz_ballfuzz_ball Posts: 390member
    Pre-order! Just look at the launch sales for the iPhone, 3G, & then 3GS. With the new features in iPhone 4, I think it will be pretty crazy launch week!
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