Need help on iPad and printing

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If someone could help, I would greatly appreciate any insight/advice.

We bought my 69-year-old mother an iPad, primarily to send/receive emails and pictures of grandchildren. My brother bought her a Canon wireless network printer, thinking that she could print from the iPad to the printer.

Here's the problem I am running into:

1. The Canon wireless printer wants to find an "access point" on the network. I am assuming this means a Wi-Fi network in the home.

2. My mom has AT&T's 3G network plan. Since the iPad is the only computer device in the home, there is no local broadband connection/network to connect to for the printer.

Does anyone know how to work around this? Or maybe I am missing something (very likely) in my understanding of the printer and the network.

Thanks for any help.



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    Not missing anything... you just need a wireless network for the printer to access. (and the iPad)

    Unfortunately, the iPad is unable to create a wireless network on its own, and it's doubtful (though possible - check the specs) that the printer can either.

    You can get a wireless router and set up a network without having it (the network) connected to the internet.
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