Somebody's thinking - iPad UI usability report 96pg

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This ought to start a discussion about the iPad UI.

Boiled down: users don't know where to click and what to expect when they do....

Supporting article


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,222moderator
    His theories are not mirrored with reality. Quite the contrary in fact. People typically find the iPod/iPhone/iPad UI much more intuitive than standard desktop UIs and mobile devices currently outsell desktops/laptops by 10:1. One year old children have been shown using the mobile UI but would make no use of a standard UI.

    The theories will be sound when applied between a class of UIs but the mobile device UI paradigm Apple uses creates a whole other class and these theories just don't hold up. Whether humans should logically prefer a consistent UI over a varied one or not, the stats say varied is preferred in this class of device.

    He can join the queue of professors and teachers who sit in a room alone and poor who try to apply their esoteric and mostly useless theories to popular products to justify the time spent studying them but they have no weight behind them until the tens of millions of people using them every day agree and return them due to difficulties using them.
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