Polling - Does your iPhone4 work?

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Go nuts.

* do NOT have issues....


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    smiles77smiles77 Posts: 668member
    Wow. I don't have an iPhone 4, so I didn't vote, but that poll is sad. 4 no's and 0 yes's. Hmph. No widespread issues, or attention-less poll?
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    mbmcavoymbmcavoy Posts: 157member
    I have not had any proplem in normal usage, so I voted "no issues". At home at at work (North of Seattle), I can't make the bars drop no matter what I do.

    Interestingly, last weekend I was outside of Skykomish, WA, on the edge of coverage, where service was already very spotty. I still had "full bars"!

    Holding the phone comfortably, I don't usually touch the gap, but even if I touched it with my finger, I'd only get a slight drop. I would have to literally cup the phone in both hands, gripping the whole band tightly to get the "problem" to appear, and completely lose data service. I thought it was an interesting curiosity more than an actual problem.

    I didn't make a voice call while I was there, so I can't comment on that aspect.
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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    Great poll! I was thinking about the same thing.

    I know the emotions of some members are running high. Please remember that we are working on the honor system here, and resist the temptation to vote if you don't own an iPhone 4. This will be interesting.
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    No drop calls....yet. Works just like my old 3G, but ALOT faster! I've downloaded nearly a 100 apps onto my iPhone 4 into folders and have over 600 songs on the built in iPod. Absolutely no freezing.

    I live in the L.A. area where AT&T reception can be great. The bars will go up and down, no different from my old 3G, but my calls have been clear. I have a black bumper, but ordered it on June 15, well before the reception 'hysteria'. I wanted the bumper to protect the outer metal (antenna), for accidental drops and have an all black look-super sexy, ha!
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    I have major issues that I did NOT have with my 3G....lots of dropped calls, poor call quality, etc. The rest of the phone itself is great...MUCH better than my old one. I have a skin case that should be delivered tomorrow. Should solve the issue and I will very a happy camper. Great device......currently a lousy phone but soon to be fixed
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