The killer app Apple refused

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For the average user sending text messages this app, Swype, will be a godsend:

But Apple refused Swype into the App Store... Suggesting a Not-Invented-Here Syndrome. They are probably working now, as we speak, on a rip-off of their own.

Hey! Maybe Apple are planning on pushing that rip-off as a firmware update for iOS4. FREE for all iPhone 4 users who need an appeasement, a goodwill gesture from Apple up after having been lied to. A.k.a. the transmission/reception shortsell and PR debacle...

Swype easily upstages non-functional Google Voice! Swype works!

I can already see the patent lawyers honing their knives.

It looks like Apple have painted itself into a corner: set themselves up for another PR beating. Let me explain: they, Apple, say the transmission/reception problem is a software glitch, suggesting they can fix it soon with some software or firmware update. But empiric research (Consumer Reports/NT) has demonstrated the 'Death Grip' to be a fundamental design flaw. Which a software update can't fix. I.o.w. Apple can't fix this, relatively easily. That will probably require more drastic measures. Like a recall...

Hey! Here's an idea: they can cloak that recall by making it a FREE swap: an iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5 (a rebadged, fixed, and pimped up iPhone 4). Who wouldn't want an iPhone 5, eh? With Apple's Swype lookalike as one of the main new features (and the T/R bug fixed).

It'll be a very costly operation, but it'll neatly solve the iPhone 4 problem.

And non-iPhone 4 owners can get an iPhone 5 at a premium price compared to the already expensive iPhone 4 (which won't be sold anymore anyway)! Recuperating some of the cost of the swap and all of the image damage Apple sustained through this episode.

The iPhone 4 is developing fast into Apple's own Edsel...

Seen what AAPL did yesterday and today? It sank a couple notches. I think it'll sink some more soon.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,223moderator
    Swype isn't all that great an idea. It's not really any faster than normal typing:

    It looks like it has some auto-filling of long words, which helps but it's just a gimmick.

    Try typing ahahahahahahahahahahahahah by Swyping and it will take way longer than just tapping with two fingers. It replicates the built-in SMS app so violates the rules.
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