what is the signification of your user name ?



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    Mac The Fork was ripped off by Mac The Knife several years ago and means a lot.
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    steve666steve666 Posts: 2,600member
    I am Beelzebub :o

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    Crazy Fool was from a Sublime song (Sublime - Get Ready), the K part was because I liked how Kool cigarettes did it and I deleted the space because a lot of times you can't have one when registering a name and the _ is just ugly. This is probably more then you ever wanted to know
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    It's funny Moogs, I always assumed your name was inspired by Andy Moog.

    My name is actually my stage name, which is half of my first name and half of my last name. My real name is cool, just not very rock n roll.
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    jeffyboyjeffyboy Posts: 1,055member
    Jeff...Jeffyboy, a friend of mine calls me that when he's humorously lecturing me because he's 2 years older. (You have to be there.)

    I bring this up because his name's Dave and I started calling him Daver because I saw that name here and thought it sounded cool.


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    [quote]One question: Was that before or after you went out on a date with her??? <hr></blockquote>

    lol, never went out with her, she was 40 and i was 16 or so, but this was after a bunch of us from work went to the pool. i thought i caught her looking that day ( :eek: ) but wasn't sure. <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />

    edit: darn ( ) screw up :'s

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    I'm an artist, I produce cold, technological VR type stuff. I make virtual sculptures out of genetic data... sorta art meets science. I call it 'stimuli' -- intended to provoke a stimulus response.

    I used to draw comics as a kid, and called them 'stimuli' as well.

    It sort of goes a way back as well. I have a friend who had a cabin in a small, jerkwater town in Washington state. We were bored out of our skulls (too late to sleep more, to early to start drinking... curse you 4:30 PM!) and were joking about poking ourselves in the eye with forks, simply to produce some sort of stimuli for our flatlined brains. The word just kinda resonated in my mind after that.

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    bawjaws is a scottish term of (mild) abuse. Not as harsh as eejit, more like a numpty or heid-the-baw. I chose it as a username because I remember my dad calling me it as a bairn.

    It must be falling out of use because even google only returns 14 instances of the word and a few of those are my use of it as a username. Maybe there's an alternative spelling. Anyway, one of the results gives a fairly good example of it's use in a play...



    MARY COLLINS, USHERETTE IN THE CINEMA, shining light into camera, then pull back into the action in the cinema. Show government newreel of events in Sapain, then the workers' cinema version replaces it. English minister stating why they are abandoning Cataluña - financial interests - Spanish stating they did the same in 1712.


    (Strict, but having fun/affection for the children)

    Right. Come oan noo. Take yer seats. If yer no fast, yer last. Listen bawjaws, you fling wan mer bit a oarange peel an ah'll squeeze you tae the pips squeak. Come on. "If it's Green's, it's good". Hey, heid-the-baw. Lea the actin tae the actors. How miny poackits huv you goat? Less a that. You were warned already. Ye coulda hid somedy's eye oot there. Aye it's good. It goat a big write up in the paper. Ah don't care if ye've sat oan something. Change yer seat ur yer troosers, son. Listen tae gallus Alice. Ah know your mother. She's probably too ugly tae remember me. Naw, ye cannae get a shot. Because it belongs tae the cinema an ah buy the batteries. Ah'd like tae see you look sexy in this overall. At least ah've goat aw ma ain teeth, an they'll be in your neck in a minute if ye don't button it. Hoi, gingernut! You light that up in here an ah'll gie ye a hose doon fae the nose doon. Well hit im back, then. Hard. Look where yer gaun missus. ah know ah've goat flat feet, but don't take me fur a doormat. Three chairs fur the big yin. She's fadin away tae a gable end. Did you hiv that ticket in yer mooth? Don't come wide, ur ah'm liable tae come snide. Wan toot an yer oot, wee man. Shut up greetin face. Hurry up, hen. Yer gonnae miss the start a the picture.

    At end of scene, focus in on newsreel, reaction shot of Mary thinking she sees her son, cut to real action.

    CUT TO

    Scene of Jamie fighting. His gun falls to pieces. The fascist soldiers approach him amused and mock him. Then he is beaten unconcious with the butts of their guns.

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    [quote]Originally posted by bawjaws:


    CUT TO

    Scene of Jamie fighting. His gun falls to pieces. The fascist soldiers approach him amused and mock him. Then he is beaten unconcious with the butts of their guns.


    <img src="graemlins/surprised.gif" border="0" alt="[Surprised]" /> :eek: <img src="graemlins/surprised.gif" border="0" alt="[Surprised]" />
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    He who is used as a tool for some other ends.

    Id originally thought that it had come from Marathon (the main char is being used to Durandal as a means, but not an ends), but it ends up that I was thinking of Vidboi. So I ended up putting this one to use.
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    cdhostagecdhostage Posts: 1,038member
    My name is roughly the coolest name anywhere ever by anyone... slave to music.

    Actually, its my first two initials and my last name. It's not suirprising how hard it is for me to go through Customs at airports without being searched... y'know... Hostage.
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    I just changed my handle...this is what I came up with in 4th grade while trying to figure out a good email address.

    After all, it has numbers!
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    tokentoken Posts: 142member
    "to·ken n

    1. something that represents, expresses, or is a symbol of something else"

    I guess I am that regular kind of guy that wants to stay a part of the anonymous mass and therefore pictures himself as a typical example of the general middle man. In other words, I am merely a Token of a Type.

    But what a Token.. :-)
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    gregggregg Posts: 261member
    ..it's the name I was given, so I use it.
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    janejane Posts: 68member
    Jane because I love the story of Jane Eyre.
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    aries 1baries 1b Posts: 1,009member
    By now in My Grand Plan #1, I was supposed to be flying regularly between Space Station V and Clavius Moonbase.

    <a href="http://www.starshipmodeler.com/2001/ari5.jpg"; target="_blank">http://www.starshipmodeler.com/2001/ari5.jpg</a>;

    (The Aries 1B Lunar Transport is the round thing on legs in the center of the Clavius Moonbase landing bay.)

    However, everyone thought that it would be better to pour money into a host of social welfare furnaces and what-not, so Clavius Crater is still untouched.

    However, I'm right on track (according to Plan #52-E) and live in Indianapolis, IN with Wife and Kids.

    Aries 1B

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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Well....I picked Leonis as my user name is because...AGAIN....my comic

    This is the name of the guy in there.

    ...but he dies anyways (oopss.....shouldn't spill the bean )
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    ricRocket 'cause of nicknames from my friends in high school... "rocket" was already taken - "ric" didn't seem enough, hence "ricRocket"...oh well!

    "bawjaws" always reminds me of Irvine Welsh's books...I start thinking in a scottish accent when I read 'em!

    This is quite an enlightening topic For instance, I had always been quite baffled about iMacFan!!

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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    [quote]Originally posted by Leonis:

    <strong>Well....I picked Leonis as my user name is because...AGAIN....my comic

    This is the name of the guy in there.

    ...but he dies anyways (oopss.....shouldn't spill the bean )</strong><hr></blockquote>

    who was leonis beloved dog ? was it you ?. I was Leonis beloved cat. I invent him just for fun.
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