Is Apple MobileMe good?

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Anyone used the Apple MobileMe?

Saw that it has great reviews at amazon.

Is it really that good?


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    It is what it is...

    If you like simple "it just works" solutions, then it's syncing of various things between Macs, iPhones, iPads and it's integration with iLife apps makes it well worth the $100 for me.

    For people who enjoying finding ways to make things work for free, then MobileMe's services CAN be found elsewhere for free, but you'll need to be a little computer-savvy to make them work.
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,427member
    love it had it for years

    have two iPhones, sync with my wife, saved my arse many times

    i don't mess up the family calendar any more--that's worth it just for that

    used it twice to find mine and my wife phone, saved worry and time.

    mine is for business, have to be able to remote wipe

    well worth the money
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    it is so good
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    I find it an inexpensive, easy way to host the three websites my wife and I have for our home based craft businesses. iWeb has plenty of capability to do all I need to build decent, crisp sites that are easy to navigate and have become indispensable to us. I don't use it for anything else, though if other i devices come into our future the synching will be nice. Friends who use it swear by it.
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,427member
    figured out way to downgrade my iphone 3g from 4.0 to 3.x well in the process it erased EVERYTHING

    back up didn't work (should not of done this)

    anyway, signed into mobile me and bingo everything back except the data from my IM and some aps


    can you imagine putting just the contacts component of 564 names and numbers

    bookmarks, and my OMG calendar ????
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    I used to have it when branded .Mac then cancelled and replaced it with Google products and Dropbox. Last week i wanted to try again and bought a code for 50 bucks out of a reseller on ebay (you can find amazing prices on ebay and Amazon).

    It's pretty convenient for me who got two macs and two PCs. Though it'd be even more useful if I had an iPhone. Over OTA sync can be acheived thru Google and, as stated before Dropbox. however MobileMe just unifies everything.

    Now it depends if you're ready to pay to get it. i for myself cancelled a couple of subscription that I did not use (Yahoo Mail Plus and PicnIk premium) saving 40 bucks a years t get those things in MobileMe. However I still forward a Google Apps account over there and customize the from-line of the composer just in case i decide to cancel this subscription
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    have an iPhone, and an iMac. I also use the Mobile Me mail, and I share pictures with everyone via the galleries. I also use the 20GB backup. There are other services out there that do these things, but they're not as nicely integrated, and you often have to use several different providers for them.
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    mrt77mrt77 Posts: 3member
    It's pretty ok but you need dropbox still separately. iDisk is terrible piece of junk = mainly slow and doesn't quite work with large number of files and all that.

    Leaving that aside MobileMe is pretty ok
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