I'm looking for an iPad SCREENSHOT APP.

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I know you can take screenshots on the iPad, but I'm looking for an app designed specifically for this purpose, with the ability to highlight parts and overlay text, easily. Anyone have any advice or app suggestions?

I know I would be way more productive doing this on my desktop, but when I have my iPad away from the desk I'd like the ability to whip up one or two of these.


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    Wont any photo editing app do the job? take a screenshot and then open it in the photo app.
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    Originally Posted by Aizmov View Post

    Wont any photo editing app do the job? take a screenshot and then open it in the photo app.

    What's a good one for exactly the type of thing I want?
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    You mean it's not built-in like it is on the iphone?

    press the sleep button and the home button at the same time. You should see the screen flash. Then go to the photo app

    Then download Photoshop.app
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,771member
    I'm going to try Adobe Ideas.

    If you look at my first post you'll see I'm well aware how to take screenshots.
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    Try Sketches.
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    Check out Status Ripper. It's an iPad app that will remove the status bar, correct the orientation, round the corners, and add it to an email ready to be sent. While the email out export isn't the best option, it's definitely a useful app.

    To add text and stuff to the formatted screenshot, I like to use Photogene. OneEdit is another app that is helpful for batch processing many screenshots at once, like adding a watermark, changing the orientation, adding overlays, changing the size/quality, changing the file type, uploading multiple images to Dropbox, etc.
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    [SIZE=4][/SIZE]Did u ever find an app to take screenshots? If so, would you please let me know the name of the app? My ipad air now will NOT take screenshots the "normal" way.

    Many thanks

    [email protected]
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    Originally Posted by bayoubengal View Post

    My ipad air now will NOT take screenshots the "normal" way.


    Why’s that; did you break the buttons?

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    I have been using the Sketches

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    I would like to recommend you to visit site Graphicssoft site where you can get varied apps for this purpose ..They have useful apps developed by professional app developers .
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    Skitch is pretty good. It allows you to annotate the screenshot with lines, arrows, texts and so on. You can also capture a whole webpage with this app. More info: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Take-a-Screenshot-on-iPad-Air-2/

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    My iPad Air 2 takes perfect screenshots just like the iPhone with no extra app, just as indicated by previous comments. I would like to be able to annotate the photos, though. Will look into photo doctoring apps.

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    I’m afraid that most of iPad screen recorder apps require you to jailbreak your device. You may try to project your iPad screen on PC with an app (I recommend to use a phone manager which does not need jailbreak). As long as you can see iPad screen on your computer, you can record it with a free online screen recorder with supports editing functions. Perhaps you can get more tips about recording iPad screen from this article.

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