iPhone4 streaming porn videos in Apple Store?

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I posted this note as a reply to the Cardiff store thread .. But it warrants a headline methinks!!

an iPhone4 device was on main display streaming hard core porn videos in full view of the public shoppers in Cardiff Apple store - Store manager shrugged his shoulders and said 'sorry sir' .. "but it is Apple corporate who set the IT access policy in our stores" .. so, yes this has happened before and it probably will happen again!

Wow, just be aware when your children go into an Apple store that the active devices on display can access the internet without restrictions and are very poorly supervised ...

My family (including young daughters) were subjected to the failure of 'due care' by Apple store toward it's customers!!

Any ideas on how to kick some corporate butt! (I tried - but nice man in PR simply offered me a 'pink iPod' for my daughter - probably hoping I would go away)


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    Why not the same vitriol for the hooligan that did that as a joke, especially as you are reacting exactly as they hoped you would.

    Internet filtering is a dead technology. It is an impossible problem, and only serves to get in the way of legitimate uses. It's even less likely we will solve the porn filtering problem than we are likely to cure the common cold -- the internet addresses change and things get cross posted on a timescale that is utterly incomparable.

    So until we can legally hold someone responsible for intentionally doing something like this, we are stuck with a social problem that won't go away. And technology is a really poor solution to social issues.
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