Think I Found the iPod touch 4

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
I was looking at my TD Bank account online and clicked a link to find more info about their mobile banking app (the existence of which I was unaware). This is a picture they posted, assuming it's representative of an iPhone.

But if the touch is squared to create enough space for the dual cameras, bigger battery, etc. that's close to what I imagined it to look like. Funny stuff, eh?


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    big macbig mac Posts: 480member
    I think your imagination has gotten a bit ahead of you, bro. That's a Photoshop alteration of an iPhone, not an iPod touch 4G.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Originally Posted by Big Mac View Post

    That's a Photoshop aberration, causing all those versed in design to recoil in horror and beg for the looks of an iPhone

    Fixed, I should think.
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