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anybody can help with pdf readers and the iphone , any help is appreciated


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    A specific question would also be appreciated.

    Something generic? iOS reads PDF files already. Just open them as attached to e-mails or via iBooks.

    Want something 'specifically made" for PDF files? Type 'PDF' into the search in the App Store. You'll find a dozen good ones and a half gross more less good.
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    rbashrbash Posts: 2member
    Sorry bout the ? How do i get my iphone to open email attachment pdf files ? I got a couple i have sent to myself but can or wont open, they just show up blank , thanks again
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    Really? Interesting. Is your iPhone fully updated? I mean to whatever version of the OS that yours can handle.

    For the first one, that's 3.1.3. For the rest it's... what, they're on 4.0.2 now? iTunes will tell you. Just update. Strange that you can't open them as mail attachments.
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    If they are encrypted, or using some obscure corner of PDF (Adobe loves tossing new things in the spec just for fun) then it might be that the built-in reader will not handle it. I ran into a case where Preview.app (on the Mac) could not open the PDF grades that were sent out by a University system because they were using digital rights management and that was not in Preview.app. It could be you are running into something like that, and anything other than Adobe Reader on a desktop is unlikely to read those files. No other third-party readers are going to be able to read those sorts of files (and Adobe will make sure of that).
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