Issues with audio setup

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I am having some very strange issues with my audio setup from my macbook pro to my surround sound speaker system.

I should add that the system worked flawlessly for two months and this just started happening.

I am going from my macbook Pro's headphone jack, through a long audio cable and into the surround sound system. Only today, it started buzzing like crazy. I can not seem to isolate the issue and here is why.

MacbookPro going directly to the speaker system without the long cable works so I thought it was the cable, but going from my iPhone to the speaker system through the long cable works fine. So, the cable seems fine. Furthermore, going from the macbook pro through the long cable to a different speaker system also works fine.

So, I cannot seem to figure it out because I can demonstrate that the mac book to surround works, the mac book through the cable to different system works and the iphone through long cable to surround also works. In other words, I can demonstrate that each component works as expected but all combined, it stopped working.

And, like I said, this is new that it stopped working. I should add that replacing the long cable would be an extreme amount of work!



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    Okay, I think I got it by accident.

    When I used my macbook pro at my desk through the long cable, I was also hooking it to the external monitor. For one reason or another, it seems that connecting the external monitor was causing buzzing. My guess is it has to do with the electrical wiring in my apartment. I know in labs there are issues with power isolation. So for the mean time, it is working.

    Does anyone have any ideas other than wiring that could cause this?
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