How can I backup iphone contacts/email/addresses and transfer them to PC easily?

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Hey,guys!!!i have one quick question about my iphone contact backup ...

I have an iphone that has all my contacts stored in it.... (phone numbers, email, addresses, etc...) and I recently

bought an new computer, but I don't have any of this information stored in it.

My question is, how can I sync my iphone with to my PC without erasing the info in the iphone. I don't want my system

to think that since the PC is empty it should erase every contact in the iphone. I just want to transfer everything

from iphone and have a copy on PC,especially the contacts.

Appreciated your early reply.


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    I'm pretty sure iTunes gives you the option to copy that info from the phone. (the first time a particular phone is synced with a particular installation of iTunes, it'll give you the option to copy info from the phone, or erase the phone.)
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    After entering the information of the first time and syncing for the first time, iTunes will create a back-up file with all that information just incase. This is the case for both Mac and Windows.

    So for instance, if it's a new PC, then iTunes will start to "sync" with your iPhone and will copy any apps (if you have your iTunes account registered in that new PC), contacts, calendar events and such.

    iTunes will NOT delete your stuff unless you checked the "Replace data on the iPhone with data from this computer"
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