MacTech Conference to offer developers free $200 Apple Certification Exam

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The three-day MacTech Conference in Los Angeles, Calif., in November will offer IT professionals and Apple developers a chance to learn and network, and those register early will be eligible for a free $200 Apple Certification Exam.

MacTech Conference 2010, scheduled for Nov. 3-5, 2010, at the Sheraton Universal, will have two separate tracks: one focused on IT, and another focused on programming and development. Sessions will focus on both desktop and mobile, with appropriate levels of attention paid to the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

"We literally have people from Google, from Apple, from Los Alamos (National Laboratory), and then all kinds of indie developers," said Neil Ticktin, editor in chief and publisher of MacTech Magazine. "Really top-of-class people speaking here, and the sessions are just jam-packed."

Because the conference is hotel-based, attendees will have the opportunity to not only learn from the best, but get to meet new people and spend time with their peers. Sessions at the show don't have a start time -- when one ends, the other begins.

"It's going to be non-stop, constant flow of information," Ticktin said. "Very, very informative kind of stuff."

MacTech 2010 will include presentations from more than 35 of the biggest names in the industry, including Andy Inhatko of the Chicago Sun-Times, Misha Leder of Google, Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster, and Jason Snell from Macworld. Sessions will be held back-to-back to maximize content, but there will also be plenty of breaks and networking time.

Joint sessions are given to the joint developer/IT audience, while breakout sessions are given in either the developer or IT tracks. To keep things fast-paced and action packed, MacTech Conference uses the "QuickTalk" format -- 5 minute sessions that give you all that you need to know.

The conference will also include a trip to Los Angeles' Griffith Observatory, where attendees will be given a behind-the-scenes tour and private telescope time. The MacTech Bowl will also serve as a fundraiser for the observatory's school field trip program.

AppleInsider is proud to be an official sponsor of MacTech Conference 2010. Attendees who register before Oct. 11 for the limited-capacity event can take a free Apple Certification Exam of their choosing on-site immediately following the conference.

The conference has worked with Apple Training and Certification to offer the on-site certification exams. Apple has also promoted the event on its official Training and Certification website.

The exam is a $200 value that comes with a free study session, and both are included in the $899 conference registration fee. And those who don't need to take an exam can get get $100 off the registration fee, allowing them to register for just $799.

The registration fee also includes all meals, a MacTech Magazine subscription, a schedule pack full of sessions, exclusive entertainment and more.

Special evening events

Wednesday through Friday, November 3-5, are packed with sessions by day. The evenings have two very special events. First, an exclusive visit to the Griffith Observatory, one of Los Angeles' greatest landmarks. Second, the MacTech Conference Party including dinner, billiards, video games, air hockey, a dedicated Guitar Hero room, and more.

The MacTech Bowl will take place to raise money for the "School Field Trip" program at the Griffith Observatory. Sponsorship options for bowling teams, and at the conference are available at:

On-site exams and special pricing

Immediately following the last session of MacTech Conference, Apple Authorized Training Center v.2 Consulting is offering a study hour and exam session: Nov. 5, 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., on site at the conference. Conference attendees can take any Apple Certification Exam that is currently available at the time of testing.

"v.2 Consulting, Inc. is excited to be a part of the upcoming MacTech Conference 2010 and we look forward to hosting the Apple Certification exams and study session," said Kari Bellah, Operations Manager, v.2 Consulting, Inc. "Without a doubt, MacTech will be keeping to their high standards of representing the best in IT and development at this must-attend event."

You can see which exams are available at Those that register under this bundle will be sent their exam registration instructions after they complete their conference registration.

Macworld panel on "Trends in Virtualization"

Macworld VP & Editorial Director Jason Snell will be moderating a panel entitled "Trends in Virtualization" at MacTech Conference 2010. The panel will explore and discuss virtualization trends in the industry for both desktop and server virtualization related to Apple technologies.

VMware and Parallels have already agreed to take part, and panel organizers have invited the VirtualBox team as well.

"As with any major Mac event that serves the community, we're happy to participate and keep Macworld readers informed," Snell said. "It's always enjoyable when members of the Mac community get together to discuss our shared interests, and the MacTech Conference is another great opportunity to do that."


The Sheraton Universal is a quality venue with rooms that typically run $229.00 or more per night, plus tax, and with Internet for an additional fee. Available on a first-come, first-served basis, MacTech Conference attendees get a special rate: just $169 per night which includes Internet. Taxes and service charges are extra. Room quantity is limited.

Ticktin said with just a few weeks left before the Oct. 11 deadline for the certification exam, the discount hotel room block is filling up fast.


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    If the Conference costs $899 if you take the Apple Certification Exam and $799 if you don't, then the Exam ain't free. It costs either $100 or up to $899, depending on the logic you use. Saying it's free is just bullsh|t..
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    Originally Posted by Superbass View Post

    It costs either $100 or up to $899, depending on the logic you use. Saying it's free is just bullsh|t..

    Or you could just say it's marketing. Not uncomon in the least--no point in getting bent out of shape about it...

    Then again, if your job will pay for a conference but not for a certification exam, I suppose it would be free in effect after all!
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    Regardless to the hefty price tag and marketing ploy, this is lame anyway! Wanna be peeps! ! !
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    Originally Posted by Superbass View Post

    If the Conference costs $899 if you take the Apple Certification Exam and $799 if you don't, then the Exam ain't free. It costs either $100 or up to $899, depending on the logic you use. Saying it's free is just bullsh|t..

    Actually, what is probably a better way to say it is that we are bundling the Exam. There is a real, hard cost to the exam, and it's far more than people think.

    The conference is $899. If you choose to take advantage of the deal that we worked out on the Apple Certification Exams, you can get get either the exam bundled in, or $100 off the price. Of course, like most conferences, there's a limited time for this offer. After Oct 11 (and only while supplies last), it's gone. At that point, you will be paying $899 for a conference that should probably be priced in the $1300 range given what's included.

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