Steve Ballmer laughs off Google's Chrome OS threat



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    Hello, my name is Steve Ballmer. I am fourty years old, i am divorced and i LIVE IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!

    ha ha. Well I doubt that anytime soon.

    But seriously, if microshaft doesn't shake things up at the top and ditch ballmer like NOW, they're toast. Tey'll continue on their current business for another decade, and will slowly, fade to a shockingly small version of itself.

    Wait. Maybe, apple will just buy them at that point. Just, for kicks.
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    Originally Posted by Sir Duffel View Post

    Edited out crudeness.

    If you want to write like that, do it elsewhere.

    I'm sorry I forgot the apple population was filled with retarded fanboys who had virgin ears.
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    There is a famous story about a meeting between Yahoo and Microsoft which took place when Yahoo was still a small start-up. Yahoo was growing at neck-breaking speed and David Filo and Jerry Yang were invited to Redmond to talk about working together.

    The meeting turned into a disappointment when Steve Ballmer joined the conversation and gave his opinion on the future of search engines.

    According to Ballmer Search Engines were a temporary solution to a temporary problem. Ballmer claimed that ?within a few years there will only be a handful of websites left. People will use their Favorites to navigate to those destination sites and nobody will need a Search engine except for a few students and professors.?

    If Ballmer had thought otherwise perhaps Google?s $170B market cap would belong to Microsoft. Instead Microsoft?s stock has languished (at best) for years.
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