Proof AT&T rationing Bandwidth & proximity sensor still not working on IP4

in iPhone edited January 2014
In a known strong signal area, When I connect to WiFi, my bars jump from 3 to 5 because 3G

In my area is no longer handling both phone and web data but when I disconnect from WiFi I drop back down to 3 bars because now 3G has to handle both phone and web data. Also my proximity sensor still not working right. Keeps blinking on and off when lifting phone to ear. Sometimes I keep muting the call with my face. When is all this going to be fixed already!


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    What is your point? Yes, for all we know, there still may be issues but I do not see what you are getting at.

    I do not know about the bandwidth thing, or if that is even proof of anything, but as far as the proximity sensor is concerned, I am pretty sure they fixed that. I do belive you when you say yours isn't fixed which means that there may be an actual hardware issue on your phone. Take it back to apple. Hopefully it is under warrenty or something.

    Good luck.
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