Apple seeds first Mac OS X 10.6.6 beta in advance of 10.6.5 release



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    I would have bet money on this past mon - wed for 10.6.5s release. Wonder what's up.
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    Originally Posted by uberben View Post

    I play World of Warcraft, and I notice that several graphical features, such as realtime reflections in the water and improved shadows based on dynamic lighting are disabled with a note beside them saying that they require 10.6.5, so I think we can assume that there is a significant update to the OpenGL that comes with OS X.

    Here's hoping, I've been reading tidbits for some time that osX will be supporting a more recent version of openGL. Let's hope that openGl 4 finds it way into Lion at least.

    Steve Jobs at least cares enough about games that he'll personally call Steve Ballmer to chew him out over buying up Bungie.
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    Originally Posted by Alex London View Post

    'Sic' means 'this' in Latin. It originally was a message to the typesetters to not correct a misspelt word but to print as shown. I think.

    'Sic' means 'this' in Latin [SIC]

    Sic means 'THUS' as in "it was thus in the original and not a typo"
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    misspelt [SIC]

    I think I dated her, but maybe her name is misspelled.
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    Originally Posted by Celco View Post

    soli that list is obsessive. ever thought of a career in research or surveillance?

    I do love research, but It only took me about 2-3 minutes to create that list. My goal was to see in how few steps I could convert the raw data into that post. Just be glad I stopped at Leopard because I was tired.
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