Flash-converting iPhone Skyfire browser to be released in 'batches'



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    Flash is becoming less important to everyday consumers of content. Adobe is realizing this as well with their html5 conversion tools. Flash clearly kills battery life on both computers and mobile devices, and to be honest, the only thing I care about flash for is HULU and streaming television, and I cant watch that on mobile devices anyway. Asj your everyday smartphone user, and they will have no clue what flash even is. They know some sites do not work, but they could not tell you why. With Once there are more html5 publishing tools, we will no longer be downloading apps like Skyfire. The major sites are onboard with HTML5 or creating native apps to give access to content. Getting rid of flash will be better for everyone on mobile devices and laptops, as it will get rid of the need for plug-ins save battery, and allow any device and platform access to the same content. This will honestly save time for all of the developers and will give all users a more consistant experience across devices. I appreciate that Apple took a stand on flash. If Adobe had started creating a better mobile experience for flash when the iPhone came out in 2007, we would not be having this conversation today. Adobe has always been stubborn about adopting new technology and I honestly think they are lazy as developers.

    The creative suite is a perfect example as it has become so bloated, requiring huge system resources and large amounts of HDD space.
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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member
    Not worth wasting money.

    If developers can't deliver their content to my device, then I'm not particularly interested, I'll go somewhere that does.
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    I bought this app as soon as it was available but it needs serious work.
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    converting on mac may be easily done with http://www.macvide.com/Macvide_FlashVideo_Converter/
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