....iMac 27 yellow/ dirty grey spots INSIDE the screen..

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2.8 Ghz i7 iMac 27"..

any idea what caused this to happen?

I'm expecting a new screen from apple, and nothing less..

anyone has the same issue?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,898moderator
    Do the spots appear to move when you look close at them and then move your head side to side? If so then the spots may be on the rear side of the glass panel in front of the screen. If they are static when you move your head, they could be marks on the screen panel itself on the outside. The panel would have shipped separate from the machine so that panel may have been packed wrong and some pressure was applied to that corner before assembly. They look a little bit like the pressure spots photographed here:


    but they also look like marks that appear on glass when it has had water drip onto it and it dries out. In any case, you should be able to get it replaced.
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    dont' think they move.. and i'm getting a headache by looking at it too closely.. haha.

    it's hard to take a real clear pic of it; they do look like water spots.

    here is the lonely one on the left side..

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,898moderator
    If you can get hold of a suction cup (they are pretty cheap on eBay), you can pull the glass panel off - it's just held in by magnets. You can also try the tape method:


    or even the plunger method:


    If you go the plunger route, remove the plunger before putting the screen back on. If you decide to remove the glass, remove it very carefully as there are little pins that can get broken.

    You can even just pull the side a little to see if the stains are attached to the glass or the panel. If it's on the panel, try poking your finger in to see if you can wipe the stain away. Try not to leave obvious fingerprints behind though.

    edit: Here's quite a good video guide for removing the glass:

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    thanks for the help!

    like i said.. i've no idea what caused this to happen. I want an explaination from apple!, furthermore, i want their solution.. even if this is a DIY fix.

    I'll follow up with this when i do get their reply.

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    Is it not within warranty? Apple would definitely fix this under warranty.
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    replaced with a referbrished screen...
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