Patent For 3D Technology

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I don't know if this has been talked about and is old news but I didn't see anything here about this.


Apple granted patent for holographic technology

This is without the need for glasses.

There's more at :

Original article :

I thought this an interesting news blurb.


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    Originally Posted by jimmac View Post

    This is without the need for glasses.

    The proposed technique is interesting but it would only work with an IR camera like Kinect because it can't track your eyes in the dark. Being able to track head location is enough though. I wonder how they would project a unique image to each viewer. It seems fine for a single viewer but multiple users would be tricky. The effect will have a distance limit too.

    All we really need to do is bring monocles back into fashion:

    That would allow 3D viewing but would take up much less space than traditional 3D glasses.
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